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Howdy Cowboys and Cowgirls,

Every year at Christmas time, it's a time-honoured tradition for the von Baume family to gather at Forestborough Manor, and it's been that way since Hugo von Baume himself was a child. When he and his first, now deceased, wife were young and the children were small, the entire extended von Baume family would gather with their friends and throw fantastic parties. Being invited was something special, as Hugo was known for giving extravagant Christmas gifts to both family and friends.

Although Hugo is now both old and ill, he insists that traditions should be kept and that at least those closest to him should gather at Forestborough Manor. His doctor has said that this is likely to be the last Christmas he will ever celebrate. Hugo is blissfully unaware of the conflicts in the family, all trying to woo him - his will will include the entire von Baume family's considerable fortune...

This year things are different, instead of a daily task, there will be an episode of this murder mystery every Sunday (the 4 Sundays of Advent). You'll be helping Sheriff John Fitzburn find the real killer.
Along the way, you will be given various pieces of information that will either be clues or make you think about the text that has been published.

But be aware that between the clues there will also be small side quests (pop-up games) that can trigger prizes :)

General information

  • Between 1st December 2023 and 24th December 2023 every Sunday a new chapter in the story will be published during the day.
  • Answers to the pop up contests that will sometimes appear must be made in the thread indicated in this day's contest, before the deadline indicated. The answers will only be visible to your and the moderator team.
  • There will be winners for all individual pop-up games and also winners on the main contest.
  • Answers to the Main game must be made before 27th December 2023 before 00.00 CET
  • Generel The West Contest Rules also applies

Prizes per pop-up game:

  • Drawn randomly (1 winner): Christmas 2020 chest
  • Drawn randomly (3 winners): Choose any Mega Christmas Bags from 2013-2023
  • Drawn randomly (5 winners): Henry's Christmas package
  • Drawn randomly (3 winners): Christmas care package
  • Drawn randomly (2 winners): 100 Bonds
  • Drawn randomly (1 winner): 100 Nuggets
Prizes for main game:

  • Drawn randomly between players with the all correct answers (1 winner): 500 Nuggets + An old avatar + 5 x Choose any Mega Christmas Bag from 2013-2023
  • Drawn randomly (10 winners): Henry's Christmas package
  • Drawn randomly (5 winners): Christmas care package
  • Drawn randomly (3 winners): 300 Nuggets
  • Drawn randomly (3 winners): Choose 3 piece of any Mega Christmas Bag from 2013-2023
  • Drawn randomly (3 winners): Christmas 2020 chest
Guaranteed reward:
All players who have participated with at least 1 correct answers and not received any other reward will receive a Spinach can buff.

Henry's Christmas package contains:
  • 1 x Medals bag
  • 1 x Fortune cookie
  • 1 x Spinach can
  • 1 x Mate tea
  • 3 x Christmas pudding
Christmas care package contains:
  • Plum cake
  • Candy canes
  • Christmas pudding
  • Eggnog
  • Yule log
  • Christmas butter cookies cutouts
  • Roseberry-orange
  • Thumbprint
  • Christmas gingerbread house
Contest rules
  1. This calendar runs between 1st December 2023 and 24th December 2023 at 23:59 CET.
  2. You can answer to the contest only on the day of the pop-up games, but for the. Regarding the Main game, you can answer from December 3rd until December 27th at midnight. Meaning you have 24 hours for the pop-up games, from the posting time on the respective day (server time - CET).
  3. Results and winners will be published latest on 8th January 2024.
  4. Rewards can be claimed up until 10th February 2024.
  5. The general contest rules apply.
  6. Answers cannot be modified or deleted. Duplicate posts are permitted, however only the first sent in reply is accepted, so there is no possibility to correct your already sent answer.
  7. A player may win in every game individual prizes.
  8. A player has submitted an eligible entry for any reward if:
    • they respect all these contest rules;
    • have sent their answer before the deadline;
    • the answer provided is correct and the expected one for the questions (the games have a predefined correct answer).
  9. At "pop-up game prizes" the drawing is made from all the players who are eligible for a reward in the individual game.
  10. At "Main games prizes" the drawing is made from all the players who have submitted correct entry in this game.

1. What help can I get?

You can use our tools (like wiki, forum, support knowledge base) and of course Google is and will be your great friend for a lot of questions. :-)) Of course if you think you do not understand the question itself, you can ask questions in the discussion thread or through the support system - but we cannot give you any clues how to find the answers, we can just try to reformulate the question.

2. Can I discuss the answer with my friends?
We do not recommend to do this, as the answers cannot be disclosed. Doing it can result in being eliminated from this contest.

3. Can I start along the way?
Yes, if you miss the start, you can get started, but you will not have the opportunity to answer the previous games after the deadline.

4. When will you publish the correct answers and winners?
As of the complexity of the contest it may take us more days to proceed all your answers. We guarantee to publish for all games the winners until 8th January 2024 However we aim to do before the new year.

5. Can I ask my reward to another account?
Unfortunately, no. Reward are not transferable. You will receive the reward to the account with which you are taking part in this contest.

6. How can I receive my rewards?
At the end of the contest you are going to need to create a support ticket to request your rewards. More information will be provided when we publish the winners.

Feedback & Questions

If you have any questions or feedback about our Advent Calendar contest, please share it in the discussion thread.

We wish you happy advent season!

Your The West Team