Independence day, possible bug?


At Galveston, I'm level 32, doesn't get the quest at Ghost town... done everything, but no quest at ghost town. Tried refreshing the window and logging out, nothing... :(

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I would suggest that you finish up "Save the saloon" quest lines...That seems to be the usual issue. Good luck.


I don't know, I'm pretty confused myself.

Are we supposed to go to A ghost town, or to a town named Ghost? I'm guessing maybe it's a town named Ghost. ?? At any rate...

I have the Train Ticket from Ghost cluster and going to A ghost town doesn't complete that portion of the quest.

I have completed Save the Saloon I and II.

I can't clear Fresh fish from Repeatable quests, either. But I think that may be because I haven't waited 24 hrs yet.

Lastly, On Urgent Call, West Point there is no compass next to Jug of water. If I type jug of water in the job search on the mini map all I get is well drilling. That will give me a Jug, but is that a "jug of water"?

I'm doing a lot of quests at once and the 4th of July tambola, so I'm not really stressed. I understand waiting for some of these things to play through a bit. But at this point I've definitely got a bit of confusion about all three of these. The town named Ghost vs. A ghost town in particular.

I got a Prototype firework a while back that I thought said to take it to a ghost town, as well. But when I did so, nothing happened. I'm thinking maybe that also needs to go to a town named Ghost? lol Idk, back to questing.

EDIT: So after using a wee bit of logic, there's definitely something wonky going on. Both with going to a Ghost town not doing anything (which I've now figured out is the issue, NOT that there's a single town named Ghost - yeah, seems obvious, but I didn't know) and the no compass on the Jug of water. The other issue I'm having at the moment I still believe is the 24 hr wait period hasn't passed.

Should it make any difference, I'm in World 12.
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-------Ghost Town-------

There's a quest location called Ghost Town in sector 1 (top left corner of map)

---------------Jug of Water-------
That's a crafted item, made by Cooks (needs one Jug and one Glass of Water)

--------------24 hours--------
No idea what you mean by that
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Ah, OK, great information. Thanks for that, and apologies for being such a noob. I do search and read the forum before I post, but that often leads to more confusion.

So am I to assume that all items required to complete a quest that don't have a compass are crafted items? (Which I'm assuming I have to buy in the marketplace - although in this case I actually need five jugs of water... anyway, good on that for now, I'll follow your lead and see what happens.)

In regards to the 24 hrs...

In the Repeatable quests, for the quest Fresh Fish you're required to go Stream Fishing four times, but it also says "After accepting the quest Fresh Fish (Repeatable quests) you must wait 24 hours." There is a green check mark next to that line and the 4/4 Stream fishing requirement, so I'm just assuming it hasn't been 24 hours since I accepted the quest. I can look up when I completed the fishing, but I'm not exactly sure when I accepted the quest because I could have had hours of jobs in the automation before that.

Again, apologies if this is super noob stuff.

Edit: And maaan, I swear I searched the entire map for a Ghost Town quest marker, but it's clearly there now... so I fully blame myself for that one.
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You can also ask for a cook to prepare the jugs of water for you. If you're in a town or alliance, it's likely there'll be a cook there willing to make them for you in exchange for the materials (jugs and glasses of water).

As for the fresh fish quest, it can only be completed on a Monday (server time)...
These repeatable quests can only be done a specific day of the week. If you can't see the quest in the Saloon Task list, then you're in the wrong day...
You can start it on one week and finish the next, no problem (or 6 months later, as long as it's a Monday :D - maybe need to satisfy level requirement too...)


More good answers. I really try to read and figure this stuff out, but sometimes a good, fresh explanation is so much better. Thanks again. :)