Increase luck for item drops.


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How does one do 22 hours of working TM and not find a single item. All attributes on Charisma, all skills on trading and yet after 22 hours not a single item drop. Correct me if I am wrong but should a dueler or Fort Fighter place their ATT and Skills in all the right places don't they usually get rewarded with better results? Any thought of increasing the item luck drop percentage on jobs where u bring in extra labor points so people who place Att and skills for specific jobs get rewarded a little more as is the case with dueling every time that you place a skill point on aim, etc? Come on, enhance the game play a little, who wants to work 22 hours on the highest luck job with the right skills and gear and not find anything.


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Exactly, Zeta ... and not the first time either, previous time I did 16hrs of TM without finding anything which leads back to what I was saying above, people with skills designed for certain jobs should get a higher ITEM drop chance.

For example using TM ...

(I am just providing an example below and the numbers that I use are just for illustration purposes)

$1000 to $1500 luck - 2% Item drop rate
$1500 to $2000 luck - 4% Item drop rate
$2000 to $2500 luck - 6% Item drop rate

etc. etc. so people who wish to place skills designed for a certain job get a higher chance or probability of finding an item and I am not for one minute suggesting items have to be of certain value.

If you are a good dueler and have all the right skills in the right areas, then you would expect to win more duels than you lose against opponents of similar level with little or no dueling skills, so why should it be any different for jobs?

Why should it even come down to doing 20 odd hours of work and not finding anything and explain it by saying it is unlucky ... there is no need to be that unlucky.

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luck? wtf there is no luck its all math if the drop rate is 2% you should get 2 items in 100 turns the problem is the programing specs are prob set up for 1 billion turn block so you can make 800 million attempts that provide nothing


complain to support about it, i had this kind of drop rate for months and am a premium advent, they checked it out, never said if there was anything wrong but aftr that i started to get a 30-40% drop rate.