Increase/Decrease KO Protection for nuggets


you guys arguing over an idea that probably would either be rejected or accepted just and sometimes people don't think about the wider population everything has become about duelers now the crit they do is not enough now they want to remove KO protection so they can run like a wild goose round the whole map dueling who they like and stealing money from defenseless people

dagwood dog

I dont agree with this but i didnt agree with the dueling update either.People choose there character class well before they get to lvl10 and or stay as a greenhorn if they want.Players know if they choose the worker character they will be a soft target for duelers for example.Its no use complaining about it.Thats why you join a town with duelers for help and/or place bounties on there head etc..Paying nuggets for extra KO time will be only beneficial to the players that play premium.My opinion only.


To lessen the blow I have changed some details namely only 48 max Ko protection. Let me please know what you think of the amendment after reading through the revised proposal.


with the adjustment, i give it a yes. Provides a reasonable nugget feature that isn't over the top and will generate more revenue, which results in more game development.


I am still against this. While it might increase some revenue for Inno it provides an added advantage for the "deep pocket" players over those who can't afford the nuggets for one. For two it effectively removes some from the dueling list increasing dueling pressure on those who remain.

As far as fair dueling, etc, you choose your class and accept the consequences for your own decision.


Red Falcon

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Another awful idea. No offense, but if you really don't want to be dueled, then don't join a town! Easy as pie. Don't make everyone else suffer just because you get dueled a little more than usual. This game is called THE WEST!! It's based off the actual wild west and way back in those days, it was not uncommon to challenge someone to a duel. Of course, since this was real life, then taking part in those duels was a lot more dangerous. But in this game, if you get dueled, what do you have to worry about? Losing all your money and experience? That's really about it. Don't carry loads of cash on hand if you don't want to get KO'ed! Especially not while doing a quest away from your town. Learn a lesson from your unfortunate losses of duels and just have fun playing The West. I could not make this any clearer, really.