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Hello, I have an advice of how can u improve the game so, for all those which sleep and I mean all of us have to, usually, in game, u have to put ur character to sleep 8 hours, so lately I had an idea, let me give u an example u go to sleep with let's say 2 energy and 148 hp, and after 8 hours of sleep u ll be full, but u re not at the pc after 8 hours and u lose time, cuz if ur character sleeps and u even if with or without automation u can t add jobs my point is to make smth so if I sleep and even if I have 2 energy to be able to add all the jobs I can after I woke up if u get me idk if that makes sense, and if I cancel my 'nap' those tasks would be canceled till that point for ex if I sleep I could be able to add all the jobs I want cuz when I wake up I would have full Exp and hp but if I wake up for ex when I have only 24 energy still to be able to do only 2 of the tasks and others be removed!

Respectfully, -LEGEND- !