Impossible riddle 2

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David Schofield

oisinallen, you can take your beliefs and shove them up your ass for all I care. You are indeed the sheep and I never mentioned what country I am from, and I see how much you hate america, and I wouldn't be surprised if you were the re-incarnation of Stallin, and FYI, Communism is an inferior ideal, it takes away peoples libertys and makes them property of the government, so I suppose you enjoy being a slave of opression. Nice to know you better, sheep boy.


I would not consider Stalin a Communist. Nor would I consider Mao or Lenin Communists. They may have called themselves commies, but they did nothing whatsoever to uphold Communism's ideals.

Fidel Castro, Ho Chi Minh and Che Guevarra are true Communists, as they did much more for the people of their respective countries.

And anyway - systematically taking apart ridiculous beliefs should be done somewhere else than a forum about a riddle. So save your breath, and save your weird insults ("sheep-boy"? I'm thirty years old and I am a human being.)

David Schofield

Fidel Castro, Ho Chi Man and Che Guevarra are sick creeps who killed thousands of innocent people to promote themselves as leaders and to corrupt entire generations into following their will. And I sincerly doubt you are anything near Human, and for your age, you are overall pathetic. Go get a job and get off welfare you lame brain weasel.


No, you are perfectly correct - the sadistic despotisms in Vietnam and Cuba should definitely have remained in power. And you are also correct in saying that I am not human - I am indeed, as you said, a half-sheep, half-man hybrid.

I'll say it again: anti-communists are real idiots.


David Schofield

And I'll say it again. You are a sheep, go follow the shepard to the slaughter house.

And you know whats Ironic? You hate america and yet your playing a game modeled after the old american west, I think you are pretty messed up, buddy.


Anyone think Marx would be a good name? My father Karl thought so . . .

David Schofield


*BOOM!* kills Yumaseven for getting into an argument between only Oisin and david.


I'm not argueing. I'm making a complete imbecil out of myself, and I believe I'm doing a splendid job.


that riddle has been made easier. you can make it slightly harder by taking out the mirror. that means you have to rub your hands together untill they are SAW