Impossible riddle 2

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Here is the riddle.

You are magically transported by an evil Dark Fairy into a room with no doors nor windows. All that is in this idle room is a table and a mirror. What can you do to excape?


go through the magic mirror into fairy land and use the table to set the place on fire.


Mr. guns

look in the mirror,you see what you saw
use the saw,cut the table into two halves
two halves make a whole
climb through the hole, and your out!


I doubt that Mr. Guns looked that up. It's a fairly well known riddle.


Btw some people like to add an extra verse to that riddle.

After you get out of the hole...

You scream till your hoarse, you get on the horse and ride away!


maybe...the mirror should be placed in front of the table...:unsure:


Heres another Riddle:


Because you will never post in this thread again however you might read it just for your amusement of how many answers are trying to answer the impossible question why?


David Schofield

Shoot the Dark Fairy in the back of the head and then take it's car keys and drive home.


There is no way out, and there is no one else in there.

Man, anti-communists are really stupid.


Destroy the mirror, use the sharp glass on the bottom to cut the table into pieces and build a machine to dig under the room to escape?

David Schofield

There is no way out, and there is no one else in there.

Man, anti-communists are really stupid.

Communism is for losers who can't afford to keep a working state of mind, they are sheeple. Good job oisinallen, you are a sheep. Are you ready to be slaughtered by your fellow "Comrades" Hammers and Sickles?
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David Schofield



I am the sheep here? You hate communism, though you have no idea why - other than that your beloved America orders you to.

See you.


But I love hammers and sickles :(

And btw, has anyone here ever played Red Alert 3? My favorite faction is the Russians.