ok, due to server time acceptance requirements, I always have quests I have no intention of doing, as I will not prop my eyeballs open with toothpicks from 12 midnight to 4am to accept or finish a quest. SOOOO. Can we please have an option to 'ignore this quest' in the Saloon?
The saloon people are all sitting there with exclamation marks over their heads, and they
are all quests I won't do. I have to click on every one of them to see if they have a new one
or if it's ages old and has been refused. Royal pain in the butt. If you are worried about people hitting the 'ignore' button by mistake, just code a pop up that asks 'are you sure
you want to ignore this quest?"
PLEASSSSE give us this option. Thank you
( I know you can do it ;))


I Concur, Sailor quest comes to mind. I love this Idea and this game needs it.