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The Reporter

Good day to everyone reading this first of many posts from me, The Reporter! Over the course of the International Fort Battles Championships, I will be providing you all with an insight into the event; how the teams are faring! I will also be sharing exclusive interviews with you which will hopefully provide some excitement!

At the time of my posting this, we have officially reached the conclusion of the first week of this fabulous event! We have had some exciting battles this past week, including emphatic wins for the FR, IT, EN, DE and RU teams, all on the offensive! We also had some interesting battles were the teams were held to a tie. HU were successfully able to restrain an eager attacking CZ team! The ES and NL teams were also able to hold back the mighty tidal waves of the BR and PT teams, respectively. The scores for the battles will soon be viewable on the Official Scoreboard! I can tell you all that I am certainly looking forward to seeing which teams are able to recover from their losses, in addition to the teams which are able to win their second battles! The next wave of battles is promising to be very exciting for all!

Over the course of the past few days, I have been busying about on World Awesomia, contacting some of the leaders of the language server teams which have joined the world to participate in this fabulous event! Below, I have for you all three interviews, with one of the leaders from the PL (Poland), EN (International) and NL (The Netherlands) teams respectively. Get yourselves a glass of whiskey, sit back and enjoy reading!


CiapCiaRapCiap - PL leader

The Reporter: Hello CiapCiaRapCiap! I believe that you are going to answer some questions for me today! I’ll fire away with the first one. Question No. 1: How is the PL team feeling about the event? Are they confident that they can do well?

CiapCiaRapCiap: There is certainly no never! One error can turn the battle, and a sure win can turn into defeat easily. The certainty is that whether we win or not, every battle with us will go down to the final round.

The Reporter: Question No. 2: Are both you and your team members excited for the start of the battles?

CiapCiaRapCiap: We are looking forward to the start of the fighting! We are still having some trouble with our inventories, which are being sorted out. Once the problems have gone, we will be able to concentrate on fighting.

The Reporter: Any issues with your inventory can be sent to your language server’s support system for them to sort out. Now, on to the final question, Question No. 3: Which other team are you looking forward to battling against the most?

CiapCiaRapCiap: Looking at teams, it promises to be an interesting fight with EN team. But we respect each country, and we know that everyone will give their all. We are also curious to fight in a group with Russia and Germany, but also with dark horses, which could cause unpredictable matches.

The Reporter: What a fantastic answer! Thank you very much for your time, Ciap! I wish your team the very best in the event!

CiapCiaRapCiap: Oki! Thank you.


Nisa - EN leader

The Reporter: Hello Nisa! I have three questions to ask you on this splendid day. Do take your time to answer each one. We want to give the players the best information we can give. Question No. 1: How is the EN server team feeling ahead of the upcoming event? Are they confident that success is within their grasp?

Nisa: I would say everyone is so excited about the upcoming event and doing their best to finish last preparations. High motivation in our team means we are ready to win!

The Reporter: That’s fantastic to hear! It sounds as if the EN team is going to be a force to be reckoned with in this event. Now, Question No. 2: Are both you and your team members excited for the start of the battles?

Nisa: Very excited! This event is a fort fighting dream. We are all more than happy that we got a chance to fight against other countries/servers.

The Reporter: A nice response. Now, for the final question, Question No. 3: If you personally could choose to join one of the other language servers, which would you choose?

Nisa: Now this isn’t an easy question. Some servers look organized and ready to go for the win too so would be nice to be a part of them. Polish team, Hungarian, German.. then NL team looks so friendly so I wouldn’t mind joining them either. No, don’t think I can pick one team.

The Reporter: Another splendid answer! Thank you very much! It has been lovely meeting you today, Nisa! I wish both you and your team the best success in the event ahead.

Nisa: Thank you for your wishes! :)


El Imbatible - NL Leader

The Reporter: Hello there, El Imbatible! It is nice to be able to converse with you on this fine evening! I have three questions to ask of you, so try to answer the best you can. You're representing your language server's team here, remember! Image is everything! Question 1: How is the NL server feeling ahead of the upcoming event? Are they confident that they can achieve success?

El Imbatible: They're quite adamant in the fact they want to win and I believe they can achieve this success. So do they. They're psyched to play of course

The Reporter: Fantastic! It's great to know that we have an upbeat and confident team on our event world. Now, Question No. 2: Are both you and your team members excited for the start of the battles?

El Imbatible: Oh we're in one as we speak haha. It's the fun battle against ES. I hope they're well prepared. They're very excited to go into the real battles soon.

The Reporter: Very nice! Excitement is just what the organisers hoped to achieve with this event, and it is good to know that it is present. Now, on to the final question, Question No. 3: Out of all the town names which have come into being on the event server, which would you say is the most inventive?

El Imbatible: That's a hard one, but I must say I like the ones EN has come up with. Except from the fact that they will be a formidable enemy they have a nice sense of humour. I see many resemblances between our servers. The game is on!

The Reporter: A great choice! The EN town names are definitely up there with the more...imaginative ones. Well then, El Imbatible, thank you very much for participating in this interview today! It has been lovely to speak with you. I wish both you and your team the best success in the event to come!

El Imbatible: Same from us :)


How exciting to hear from three of the competing sides in this splendid event! Well then! That is it from me for today, folks! Look out for me in-game with my bright blue name in the chat-rooms! Until next time! Merry Christmas to all my readers!

Yee haw!!!
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