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Voting Nominations

This thread is NOT for new ideas. All ideas are to be posted in the Ideas and Brainfarts forum.

The Voting Nominations thread is for recommending ideas you feel are ready to be voted on. To nominate an idea just post below with the idea title and link to the thread. Nominations will be reviewed by Diggo11 or myself, who will decide on whether or not the idea is suitable for voting.

Once an idea is moved to Development Discussions it will enter a discussion period of one week. The idea will then have a poll added, which will remain open for three weeks. If the idea receives a majority vote then the first post in the thread will be sent to the developers (ensure the first post contains all details), who will give public feedback and hopefully implement the idea.

When posting a nomination please use the following form. Any post that is not a nomination, seconding or opposing a nomination shall be considered spam.
Idea title: Put the title of the idea here.
Summary of idea: A one or two line summary outlining the concept of the idea.
Thread URL:
Does it meet the idea criteria?: Yes/No
Reasons for submitting: Why would you like to see this voted upon?
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This idea
I've made changes so everybody enjoy it more (less money taken from treasury, chance to get super rare items, products serve as equipment, money got not from treasury, ability to protect from rob,...)

Robbing Banks

Please read it all before voting because it changed a lot
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