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1. The division into adventures should be done according to power and / or dmg, not according to lvl.
2. The future sets should not look like the others, like to have only the color changed ... I know enough graphic designers, if you need help in creating them.
3. In the shop where the chests are, add the chests with the older sets 2012 - 2017, for example and buy them with oup or nuggets. Also, if you don't have a chest, then the items in these sets.
4. Stimulating the players, once every 5 days you receive 15 nuggets, why not also receive a chest or an item?
5. That package with nuggets from the shop, to have a smaller version and to be able to use both at the same time.
6. Items purchased with pite to be sold.
7. A new world in which to grow quickly, but all the items in the event sets can be purchased with nuggets or oup.
8. To add the option of migration to worlds such as: KNOX, LOUIS; India; GEORGIA and ARIZONA and you can migrate with them to Arizona or Maryland.
9. Rudolph and the golds in the chests to enter the new worlds, say New York in the shop with oup or nuggets.
10. The forts can be attacked only by the mayors of the cities.
11. Items with up to be sold.

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1. agree, but there aren't enough people playing for proper matchmaking - adventures should be Global across all markets to increase the playerbase first.
2. agree but low priority
3. agree, but replace existing chests with tombola chests
4. sure
5. sure
6. not sure what pite is
7. yes, a perma-speed world which resets annually is a good idea, and I like your monetisation ideas
8. Priority number 1 should be migration routes to leave dead worlds and save dying ones
9. meh, it's fine as it is, where the only way to get some items are with Friendship Points - maybe the requirements should be lowered to reflect the state of the game and the small playerbase
10. meh, i'd love more rights customisation, resembling Grepolis' alliance management
11. Bonds are pretty worthless in the game atm, and this could serve to make them even more so - Angus was a good solution until the most recent update
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1. i think it should be based on the weapon you have equipped and gear actually, it would be much easier. but as lulu said, on .net there's not enough players
2. hehe, sure...but do they really care about that
3. i agree with that somewhat, but the prices have to be right - not cheap, not expensive
4. i think it's ok as it is, i personally don't need items from weekly get enough items from just playing on events as it is already. i would boost it to at least 20 nuggets per week instead of 15. it would be easier to get char premium without that 3-4 days break, because you don't have enough of them.
5. i also think that's fine as it is...don't get greedy
6. if you mean nuggets, i sort of agree with that...but there are many examples in the game of people buying gear for other people in their alliance and dominance is it depends on the set for me.
7. well, instead of that, for example, i would want to spend bonds in tombolas instead of event currency, but i would not put the sets in shop.
8. as lulu said
9. idk what you mean
10. not necessarily, i already don't like the fact that grey hats get general in attack...i'd reduce the numbers of generals. not sure having more black hats helps the issue (cuz that would surely happen).
11. instead of the possibility of them being sold, i would prefer degrading weapons. for example: you have a lv1 weapon that you don't use anymore, you degrade it and you get back a lv0 one. (props to chad) again, do not get greedy :)

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