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IBG - Devil Bullet looking for new players


IBG - Devil Bullet is look for any and all players. This is your chance to get in to a town from the ground up!

We are a small town looking to get much bigger. Our current goal is to get our town maxed out and get enough members to start fort battles.

Located in Silver County

Proud member of the IBG Union, allied with all of our neighboring towns, and we have NaPs(non-aggression pacts) with all of the larger towns around us.

All classes and levels are welcome, if you're looking for a place to grow your character, learn the game, or just build up a town and get to know people this is the place for you!

We help all of our members by offering hints, tips, and any gear we find that you may need.

Also, and you may not know this, we're awesome.

If you're interested please send "Callan Lombaard" or "Brother Nev" a telegram in game or PM me here.