I love you all


I love you all. You're all very special people. So why don't we unite the whole world into one massive alliance of hugs so we can share our forts and towns together in eternal peace. Who needs war anyway? All it does is hurt poor widdle workers and adventurers. :sad:


I most certainly am, and so are a lot of people in this world (and just about every world, for that matter). Now let me give you a big fat mooch on the cheek...


Shall we start the massive, peace-loving worldwide alliance now? How about we call it the "Briscoes HUGgers"?


So we can spread hippism toughtout the west ;) jk Because Ollieman loves us all


Gawd I hate the smell of patchouli! *Slowly backs out of thread with guns drawn*


Haha,love this thread!And what's with the hippie hater dudes here?xD
Well,life's cruel isn't it?