I can't seem to log into Galveston?

I have been playing for last two weeks but all day yesterday and today so far I can't log in? I get a long wait and it takes to a screen to log into a few links all which don't work and require you to try to re-log in. Anyone else having this issue?


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i had the issue where it stuck at 99% for a few days..but then i paid my internet renewal and it worked fine :)
My internet is fine for all other games I play. I also tried to log in on my phone and still don't work. Is anyone else having issues logging in?

I am able to sign into other servers. Is anyone else having issue with Galveston?
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I just tried to reach support and cant get a ticket to work as well. I can sign into Arizona ok but not galvenston or support.


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Still not working. I can get on all the other servers and play, but not the one I have played on the last few weeks.
Could you specify in what way you are unable to access Galveston and the support system? How far are you getting before you cannot proceed further?


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From Houston, take Interstate 45 south over the bay and causeway until you hit sand and water.
I've always been able to access Galveston that way and works for me every time.

There is an alternate of taking the Fred Hartman bridge, but that's a ferry boat ride that charges a toll.