Hyrule Darkside Recruiting

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Town Name: Hyrule Darkside

Town Rank: 1324

Town Points: 1820

What positions are open: all spots but Mayor are open.

Number of Open Positions: 4 more people can join

Town Descriptions:

Town hall Level 1
Residences Level 1
Bank Level 1
Hotel Level 1
Gunsmith Level 2
Tailor Level 1
General store Level 1
Mortician Level 1

My town is for those that just need a place to hang their hats till they get a hang of this game. I will not ask for much from anyone who joins my town. All I want is anyone who can help out with some minor stuff, like picking in on making the town a little bigger. There will be no requirements to join.

Where to contact: You can contract me ether in game by telegram or personal message on the forum if you want to join my town. My in game name is KingTommyDragoon (Which is my Forum name too, just put Hyrule Darkside add in the subject of the PM or somewhere in the Telegram)