Hr Nyborg appreciation thread

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what happened to the inno team list in membership?

why are there only two staff members in it? why have i never heard or seen either of them before?

and how long will it be before said team takes this thread down, cementing some of the community's feelings towards them?

i never met you sir (madam, anything between or beyond) but i HAVE seen your work, and it is well noted, you shall indeed be missed.


Another incompetent decision of the used to be innovating company called InnoGames. Still bragging with awards of a decade ago.
The first CM that actually used some of the mod tools to improve the gameplay for the playerbase instead of some vague background figure that only posts updates and responds to questions "I will have to ask" or "I have no further information".
I'd imagine the pay ain't even good anyway, hope Nyborg can find a job where his input is actually appreciated by the managers.
This game is far past being a cash cow, even though they don't seem to realise this.


I can't officially comment on that or I could get in trouble and lose my "can still remove spam from Campfire Stories despite not officially being on the team anymore" role, but.
Yeah, don't do that, the manager will probably get you in a lot of trouble. Oh, wait. What?