Hr Nyborg appreciation thread


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It seems that mr Nyborg has been let go by InnoGames for trying too hard to do a good job, let's gather here to appreciate and thank him for his efforts.

While being a bit reckless w/ your actions, you did manage to create quite a lot of activity on the forums, which is actually quite incredible.


Mange Tak, Hr. Nyborg! <3

Poker Alice

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I found Hr. Nyborg to be imperfect. I noticed his englich language skills were not 100% but what he lacked in one skill set he certainly made up for it in other ways. He seemed to be the kind of person who was not so proud as to admit an error and then work to a resolution. Who could ask for more? Any forum is suppose to be a place for active chatter and he was helpful to that end. He was perfectly appreciated by many.


Such a shame to see you go, before you really had a chance to do your job.
I definitely do not agree with this decision, I had very high hopes for the future of this game, with you putting so much effort into your work.
I appreciate all you managed to do while you were here!