Howdy Ladies an' Gent's


Nice to see people here. I am straight here from TW, one of the best browser games there are. I hope we all can have fun here and enjoy this game.

GOG the Deceiver


Yes me too however TW is far too time consuming - time for a change. Gotta get me bearings on this game - kinda different to what I am used to


Lots of TW players here looking for a time waster that isn't as comsuming.


hey hey im from travian saw my brother playing this so i thought id give it a go


I guess. I did feel that TW is more time consuming. I feel like this is more laid back, but you can do a lot more here none the less.


This game is a great one, i only play this and Holy wars ( used to play TW but like so many others i found it way to time consuming )


I got bored of TW. I heard they were making a new game though, thought I'd try it out :d


Saw the topic in the TW forums so i can over and started playing and then became a forum mod :)


i've been playing TW before in 2 worlds...but got inactive and only reading forums on in-game clan forum...i always ask my friends to sit for no sitting allowed...yet have the time to take care of my worlds...

-now have so many beautiful friends and someone who could understand when i greet 'em "howdy"..^^ -


Ya,I used to play tribal wars,but eventually it stresses you and takes more time,especially if you're paranoid of that 1,000,000 point guy who's expanding his empire near to you.