How many nuggets would you pay to complete a quest?

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Hello everybody!

Seeing as how my earlier idea of being able to pay nuggets to complete quests did not fly very well if at all, I have decided to ask an opinion-based question...

How many nuggets would you pay if you wanted to complete a quest which you though was to hard to complete otherwise?

Some answers to choose from are as follows...

1: 250 nuggets
2: 500 nuggets
3: 750 nuggets
4: 1000 nuggets
5: 1500 nuggets
6: 2000 or more nuggets
7: I don't need nuggets to complete any quests!

I apologize if this kind of question does not belong in the questions and guides forum, but I am curious to see how much people are willing to pay (If anything at all) in order to complete a troublesome quest...So get posting!


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Doing quests is worthless to me because rewards dont substitute the amount of hassle needed to complete them so according to that i wouldnt pay any amount of nuggs. Only quests i complete are the ones that give SP/AP.

Quests are easy to do these days so instead of paying the minimum amount of nuggs you wrote it is easier to reskill or any other type of nugg expenditure to get the quest done.

One more thing is that quests are of different lengths and difficulties so the price for completing couldnt be same for every quest.

Other thing is that if quests would be buyable then one would complete them verry fast making game dull and 50%+ shorter.

I think this was proposed in the past and didnt pass.
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my answer would have to be number 7

But if i had messed a quest up and it was important, and offered a chance to complete it i would say between 250-500 nuggets would be the max i would pay

Good point Kaos, I did not think of that. If that is the case I would agree with your nugget amount on finishing the said quest.


7, Since quests are not for being completed fast, rather to enjoy and have some fun. If you read the quest lines - I'm sure you'd enjoy it.

If I had messed up, I'd accept the fact I failed at it, and move on. :)


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Option seven is the one that I would task also. In my mind, quests are there to be enjoyed and for you to have a good time doing them, and perhaps even some difficulty discovering/working towards the solution for a quest. I would never dream of allowing nuggets to come into play to be able to complete them...

I might make an exception though for quests such as Hernando's (The Decision and Three Rivers) due to their...abnormalities...


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Only quest i might do exception for is the one for 2nd key. That is the only one where it really mattered to get something big(golden gun).

Hernandos never had that big importance so if someone messed it up he could have borrowed or bought it. While you can buy 2nd key now it is still pretty hard to find it on the market while Hernandos isnt.

From quest completion standpoint i understand why someone would want to buy quest for Hernandos sword.


I would go with option 7 since it's not much of a challenge to use nuggets to complete a particular quest. If you really needed a reskill save up enough bonds by FF'ing and buy the potion.


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From quest completion standpoint i understand why someone would want to buy quest for Hernandos sword.
This would be my reason. As a quest fanatic, completing every quest available to me is a must do, so when I found out after multiple Mondays of trying to get the 3rd piece of a note that the quest wasn't going to appear, (This occurred three years ago) I was severely disappointed. Not being able to complete any quest is not something that I enjoy....

To me, the Hernando's quest is just as important as the Raid would be to someone who had accidentally taken the wrong path.


Moved to the Saloon since this question is more a beginning of a discussion than a request for help.

While I'm posting here I might as well throw in my vote with option 7 as well. The ability to buy nearly anything with nuggets and the lack of a challenge presented by the vast majority of questlines (really the only truly difficult quest that comes to mind is the one involving a one-hit duel KO) are two of the more unfortunate aspects of the game. The possibility of spending nuggets to complete a quest would simply serve to combine and compound both of those situations.


I've two quest lines unfinished. the 120+ level quests. If I had 250 nuggets I will reskill and do finish the quests rather than paying for it.

So option 7.


I go for option 7.

Right now there are only 3 quests that need special skills (Myth (that isn´t finished), The Tribe and Golden right hand guns). ALL the others can be done by everyone even if they have all the attributes and skills into duelling or fort fighting. So the nuggets would be just for making the quest in 2 seconds instead of 80 or more hours, like some of them need.

On the Hernando sword, everyone can drop the 3 piece of the letter on the rare bag (67 nuggets-upbs). It´s is hard but it drops there... same thing for the 2 and 3 keys (both are less likely to drop than the 3 part of the letter. 3 key is droppable on the steel chest and premium chest). It can be VERY expensive but they can be received there... i used thousands of upbs but got the 3 part and the 2 key that let me complete those quests.


7. However if you were asking if I could rebuy all of the items I got (and sold foolishly) from class quest-lines, I'd do 250-500.


Option 7 for me too. Some of the ones with certain day and time are a pain but, the quests are far more interesting than the dueling [aka bushwhacking] and fort fighting will ever be. I have one job left I need to level up again to be able to do to finish all the quests and question whether it will be worthwhile to continue playing after that. A shooting game should be 3D with blood splatter and rag doll effects.

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What special skills does quest MYTH require? Have gathered all the required materials but can't get the quest at Ghost Town.


Kidd's answer of 7 is his typical score on a par 2 putt-putt golf course hole, but that's beside the point...

Opportunities to spend nuggets to complete quests already exist, just to point out a few:

(1) Spend nuggets to purchase AP's or SP's. They'll help you complete quests and you'll have those additional AP's/SP's forever.
(2) Spend nuggets to purchase reskill potions. A reskill will help you complete quests.

So, thru several already established options in the game, we already have options to spend nuggets to complete quests.

But when a quest pops up or becomes available, I'm strongly against any proposal that would promote once a quest is accepted to then be able to click on a button to spend any amount of nuggets to "speed" accomplish the quest instead of having to put in the work or time or energy or reskill or travel or duels or any otherwise participation in the game.