How Long Until ...


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Sure buddy, I'd love to see the, one can only assume from your self-declared hate-cult membership, hatefully racist redneck comments that got you banned.
Obviously I'm not american, but do Trumps supporters/cult have the self awareness to see the entire world looking at them in absolute shame?

Politics is usually about someone wanting to raise taxes on the people who can afford it, to properly fund the health service and education systems- ya know, stuff like that.
Your Hate-Cult is about keeping the Latinos and the Muslim refugees out of a country founded on immigration and refugees from the British Empire, and keeping Blacks subjugated and oppressed so the police can continue with their budgets larger than most nations's armed forces, and cops making more money per year than doctors, with less training than a coastguard, all under the context of a pure Populist Cult of Personality from a blundering idiot of a reality TV star who's never actually run a successful business and got all his money from daddy, and we're all pretty sure Putin has a video of a 12 year old Russian girl urinating on him, as blackmail is literally the only rational way to explain his behaviour towards Russia.

I understand wanting to smash your completely broken, corrupt, two-party-but-they-are-just-the-same political system, and maybe in a way Trump is how you do that, just smash the entire country up with your proud boys.
i did not hate on anyone and wasnt even disagreeing with anyone was talking to another trump supporter about his speech.and no we are not haters sorry to inform is obivious you have no clue about what is going on in our country and the other party violent behavior.i would expect to get banned if i disrespected someone so throw that hate you have in your heart out the window and do not believe what the hate media in our country says with it lies.