HotNSexy's Guide to Fort Battles


Realistically it could / should pick someone else, but the intention of this is only to simulate the ease of hitting someone within the closely-packed group, so it may as well be the person you would normally shoot at - just to keep it as simple as possible but still have the desired overall effect of more shots aimed at that group actually hitting their target every round.

If they don't do something like this (or alternatively, perhaps increase the maximum number of allowed attackers to more realistic odds) then the almost-invulnerable 'phalanx' will simply remain the best / preferred defensive formation, as ludicrous as it clearly is.
the phalanx also has the fact that defenders shoot first on its side, resulting in many attackers getting killed before they can shoot. if the defenders get that, which kind of makes sense, then the attackers deserve something else. i heard an idea of making terrain in outside the fort. a mountain could allow attackers to shoot down into the fort, and a river could provide cover, as well as trees. there could also be cliffs, which prevent the movement of attackers, sort of limiting it. and the terrain of a fort could be random, but it would have to be viewable by potential attackers at all times.


I like the idea of silverado's of attackers and defenders shooting into groups and missing the person aimed at but hitting someone standing next to them. But as they still haven't sorted out the towers and wall bonuses yet (i.e. depending on how much they have been built up) I think we will have a long time to wait.


with the latest update the "man your battle stations" defensive scheme should be a much more plausible option while the phalanx formation is at a disadvantage if the defenders let the attackers sit on the wall and shoot at them with their bonuses. this is how it appears to be... whether or not the phalanx scheme has been diminished in its power remains to be seen. what do you guys think? is the phalanx or the man the walls scheme better?


There is another combo tactic in defense: first round on walls and run exactly after the fort battle starts. In this way in first round 10-20 attackers die without shooting and defenders loose about 3-5 defenders. ;)


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hey guys...

i've had a look through this guide, but i did not find anything about good clothes for fort battles, there are posts in the forum about them, but they differ greatly from each other

can you please post the correc set of clothes one must have?