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  1. Eclipse

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    The following is a fort battle guide that I created, since it’s raining outside and I have nothing better to do at home. The information is rather general and basic, but provides some insight to fort battle strategies that anyone can use. Please note that the information I have provided is absolutely not 100% accurate. My knowledge is limited and certainly could be mistaken. I’m sure some players will disagree with things, so feel free to comment and discuss anything. It’s something basic for everyone to use and to help players understand fort battles a little better. Use this guide at your own discretion.

    Assume the following:
    128 attackers versus 128 defenders
    Equal level players on both sides
    Equal weapons

    Line of Sight (LOS): Areas of the map that players can shoot at. When you hover your mouse over a specific space when positioning, you’ll notice clear and grayed-out areas. The clear, bright areas are where your character can shoot at during the battle based on where you’re standing. The grayed-out parts are areas that your character cannot shoot at. During the battle, you will notice these areas as you move your character. If players are in your LOS, then you can shoot at them. If they are not in your LOS, then you cannot shoot at them.

    Online/Offline: In any fort battle, there are always players who are offline. Being online gives a distinct advantage to any player because they can move as they wish. It’s in a sides’ best interest to instruct all offline players to sacrifice themselves for the greater good and line up along the frontlines to act as shields for the online players.

    Movement: To move during a battle, you must click on your character. A green highlight will appear around the box and a black arrow will appear as well. Move the black arrow to another space, click, and another arrow will appear indicating your target. Once you pick your target space, you are still allowed to change it. When moving during a battle, it’s important to take notice of your LOS and the LOS of players on the other side. You do not want to expose yourself to too many opponents. Always look for another player to “hide” behind and use as a shield.


    Frontal Assault:


    • All 128 attackers position directly in front of the fort.
    • Clear LOS to shoot at all defenders positioned on the front wall and the southeast and southwest towers.
    • Clear LOS for attackers lined up in the middle to shoot inside of the fort.
    • Attackers along the outer extremities are exposed to the side walls and back towers.
    Shoot-Out or Charge?

    • Shoot-Out: Best against a phalanx/cluster defense for first half of the battle. Attackers advance up to the wall, but do not climb up and into the fort. Everyone lines up in a giant cluster behind each other in the middle two sectors in front of the wall and back. There is a clear LOS to shoot into the fort. When the time is right, attackers will have to advance and climb the walls/enter towers and move into the fort.
    • Charge: Best against a defense that has players spread all over the place. Also could be useful against a defense with players fully positioned on the walls/in the towers. Attackers charge up, climb the wall or move into the towers in waves and make their way into the fort. Push the defense back.

    2-Sided Assault:


    • Attackers position on both sides of the fort. 64 on one side, 64 on the other side.
    • Both east/west walls and all 4 towers are very easy to clear.
    • Best utilized against a defense that fully positions on the walls/towers. Roughly half of the defense can be wiped out in under 10 rounds.
    Charge or Plan B?

    • Charge --> Shoot-Out: After clearing east/west walls and all 4 towers, charge forward, as attackers simply take over the east/west walls and all 4 towers and enter into a shoot-out against the remaining defenders along the front/back walls and inside the fort. Not all attackers will fit in the first wave, so the first wave should try to advance into the fort, which will allow the second wave to get onto the wall/into the towers. Then it just turns into a massive shoot-out.
    • Plan B --> 4-Sided Assault or Frontal Assault: If the defense utilizes a cluster/phalanx approach, then the attackers are in a bit of a jam. Attackers need to either A) split into 4 groups, with 1/4 moving to the back and another 1/4 moving to the front. Then as one, everyone needs to charge up the walls/towers and just hope for the best in a massive shoot-out. or B) Everyone moves to the front of the fort and utilize the frontal assault.

    3-Sided Assault:


    • Attackers position on both sides and the front of the fort. Up to attackers to decide to evenly distribute into 3 groups or use 32(side):32(side):64(front), or be random and uneven. Image is the 1:1:2 ratio.
    • Not the most popular choice because you’re essentially dividing your firepower into a third.
    • Exposure to potential heavy causalities early on.
    • Best utilized against probably the phalanx/cluster defense more so than others. It’s easy to get into position to attempt an offensive strike from all sides.
    • Charge: Attackers on all sides clear anyone on the walls/towers, move into position, and advance up into the towers/walls. Attackers expose themselves to fire from all directions, but just might be able to KO enough defenders to be able to advance with force into the fort.


    Cluster/Phalanx/Everyone Inside!


    • The “unbeatable?” and “ultimate” defense.
    • All defenders are clustered together inside of the fort.
    • This approach is meant to allow the attackers to climb the wall/move into towers. It’s sort of a trap because once attackers move up, almost every defender can shoot at them and easily KO.
    • Little movement is needed. Everyone stays in place and waits for attackers to advance to their death.
    • Offline players can be almost as effective as online players.
    • You can line-up really anywhere inside the fort. It doesn’t have to be square in the middle. Image is just for visual purposes.

    Man Your Battle Stations (Walls/Towers/Buildings):


    • Defense completely fills each wall, tower, and building = 112 defenders, other 16 line up wherever inside the fort.
    • This creates a barrier. Even if one side is completely cleared and attackers are able to advance up the walls/into towers, and even into the fort, most likely, the attackers will be picked off one by one because the rest of the defense will shoot at them.
    • It’s a bit risky against a 2-sided or 3-sided attack set-up.
    • The quickness of players getting KO’d in this set-up because every defender is an exposed target makes this tactic less popular than the cluster/phalanx approach.


    • Execution requires communication and coordination. The attacking/defending town(s) must relay battle plans to every single player involved on their side. Offline players need to know where to line up and where to target. Online players need to work together.
    • Patience is a virtue. Don’t rush anything during the battle.
    • Don’t believe those rumors that in 128 vs. 128 battles, attackers have no chance of winning. It’s not easy to win as attackers, when the defenders are equal level, and especially if they use the cluster/phalanx defense, but good teamwork, communication, and a large portion of online players can beat that anytime.

    Again, this is all general information. I didn't go into any specifics.
    Please do not message me about this guide or inquire about details and specifics. Messages will be ignored, unless i'm in a very cheery mood.

    If you wish to add something to this guide, feel free to message me, and I’ll look into adding the info and your name as a collaborator.

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  2. Denisero

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    Nice. I'll add this as a link in Fort FAQs.
  3. Celxius

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    May 28, 2009
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    I saw something like a frontal assault at Fort Atlantis, once.
    The difference was, most of the attackers formed up to the right of the fort.
    Was that a more, or less effective method of attack? They won, so...
  4. Jim Sundance

    Jim Sundance Guest

    For tactics, when attacking:
    No matter what alignment you choose, STAY in GRP always, once walls and towers are cleared on the side you are attacking DO NOT ADVANCE, stay back and shoot the defenders off the walls and towers as they advance. If defenders DONT advance, split GRP in half and advance to 2 walls and the 3 towers, this way attacking grp again has full firepwer against defenders inside the fort. STAY on walls and towers until defenders are all dead.
  5. Eclipse

    Eclipse Guest

    Yea, that's another option attackers can take. Everyone lines up along one of the sides. I was thinking about putting that in, but it's so annoying to put 128 of those little things on each map. It's the least effective attack set-up in my opinion because with 128 attackers, you'll fill one side completely with 96 players, but then have 32 players dangling off to the front. Against the phalanx defense, it's terrible because you can't climb the walls/towers or you'll lose in under 20 rounds. So everyone will have to spend 5-6 rounds moving to the front of the fort. And in that case, might as well use the frontal assault set-up. Against the other defense, where everyone is on the wall/towers, it's pretty weak too because those 32 extra players that can't fit on the sides and are stuck out front will take fire like crazy. You can take out maybe 33% of the defense in under 20 rounds, but at what cost? You'll lose probably about 33% of the attackers. The rest can clear the east wall/both towers, but if everyone advances up, they will get KO'd pretty quickly too because you'll only have room for about 50 attackers to fit on the east/maybe front wall/and both right side towers against 70 or so defenders. You can try to go for the flag, but I doubt you'll make it and be able to hold it for 5 rounds. If you go for a shoot-out, if you're outnumbered, and the sides are fairly equal level players, you're not going to win.
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  6. Eclipse

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    Absolutely. Always stay together in large groups for maximum effectiveness.
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  7. Celxius

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    May 28, 2009
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    "You are rushing towards the enemy - and realize then that you are alone, and the enemy is not. You lose 760 health points."
  8. George Hurst

    George Hurst Guest

    Very good guide to basic fort strategy. It seems much of the challenge is in organising an attack time that will suit the majority of your allies, to enable as many people as possible to be online.

    My preferred tactic for attacking would be to set up in the 2-sided assault (exactly as shown), hold that formation until the towers and wall are clear, then move around the sides into a bunched up frontal assault and follow the frontal assault "shoot-out" tactic as outlined.
    The advantage of that is it will work against any defensive set up, provided you are better organised and have (a lot) more players online than the defenders do.
  9. gizmo501

    gizmo501 Guest

    does that happen to be said by me?
  10. Celxius

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    May 28, 2009
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    Why, do you want credit for it (read: rep points)?
  11. Eich Turner

    Eich Turner Guest

    My issue with fort battles is that the ultimate defense is to put everyone inside the walls and just stand there. You can't beat it as an attacker.

    Pretty fun stuff! (insert heavy sarcasm)
  12. kman288

    kman288 Guest

    it can be with a well planed and executed strategy.
  13. Derek1982

    Derek1982 Well-Known Member

    May 19, 2009
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    When fort shops come in with the next update or so you will be able to buy catapults and shoot straight over the wall, presenting no danger to yourself but plenty of pain toward your enemies who just stand there :)
  14. kman288

    kman288 Guest

    are you sure about that? because i don't think they used catapults much in the old west. they used those in the 1400s. but the idea is sound. they do need to even out fort battles a bit, since defenders are at too great an advantage even without the bonus of the defensive structures.
  15. Very good basic strategy guide, and should be a big help in introducing newcomers to this aspect of the game.

    It does however serve to highlight the ridiculous nature of the solid phalanx defense, which I'm sure is not at all what the devs anticipated when they first dreamed up fort battles!

    A possible answer to this design problem would be to introduce the 'turkey-shoot' rule, or at least some variation of it. This is an old wargaming concept whereby the more tightly clustered your enemy is, the better your chance of hitting something in the mass.

    In fort battle terms, it would have to increase your chance of hitting your target for each other enemy stood beside him / her - say, +1 or more for each such person, up to a maximum of 8 other people (the number of squares around the one you're shooting at). This accurately simulates the fact that you're shooting into a mass of people and it's therefore much harder to completely miss.

    Where the 'turkey-shoot' (or some variation thereof) is used in tactical wargaming, the bonus 'chance to hit' is actually incremental, so each additional unit in that (e.g.) 3x3 area makes it increasingly likely one of those will be hit. Applied to fort battles, this would mean something like +1, +1. +2, +2, +3, +3, +4, +5 for each additional person stood beside your target.

    It wouldn't just be a potential phalanx-beater, it would also allow wall & tower defenders to really pile on that early damage against the advancing mass of attackers.

    Bear in mind that in both cases the usual 'turkey-shoot' bonus would be for only 2-5 adjoining people, as we automatically fire at the closest enemy, not someone in the middle of the mass, and the closest person is very unlikely to have more than 5 others adjoining.

    Something along these lines may just make this a little more realistic (i.e. defenders actually defending walls & towers, attackers front ranks actually suffering heavily in the opening rounds) or at least make the 'generals' on both sides think a little more carefully about their suggested deployment and intended tactics.
  16. klondike

    klondike Guest

    First, thanks for ALL the guides. :)

    Second, there is a minor "flaw" in your assumptions.
    Assume the following:
    128 attackers versus 128 defenders
    Equal level players on both sides
    Need to Add Equal WEAPONS on both sides

    [wrong assumption so deleted]
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  17. kman288

    kman288 Guest

    i like the basic concept, however im a bit confused as to how this is to be calculated. i think that if there is a mass, and you shoot at the closest person and miss, then there should be a chance of hitting someone behind the player you shot at (behind is in relation to where the shooter is, of course)

    im sorry to tell you this klondike, but your completely wrong. the game allows more than one person to ATTEMPT to position themselves in the same spot before the battle starts, however only one person is able to occupy it. players have priority (involved towns over outsiders) in fort battles. if the two players have the same priority level, then it is chance that decides. either way, one player gets kicked. if there are less than 128 spots occupied, then the player gets booted to the next closest available spot. otherwise, the player is left out of the battle. so high density in one spot isn't possible.
  18. klondike

    klondike Guest

    Thanks for the clarification, will edit my post than. :)

    Wish the devs would make that clearer, perhaps a message when you try to position yourself on an
    occupied square that hey you probably won't be able to use this position in battle.
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  19. Eclipse

    Eclipse Guest

    Thanks for explaining kman. No way I made a MAJOR flaw! :)

    Equal weapons, whatever. It's assumed in the assumptions equal level players would use equal level weapons, but i'll add it if it makes you feel better.
  20. Realistically it could / should pick someone else, but the intention of this is only to simulate the ease of hitting someone within the closely-packed group, so it may as well be the person you would normally shoot at - just to keep it as simple as possible but still have the desired overall effect of more shots aimed at that group actually hitting their target every round.

    If they don't do something like this (or alternatively, perhaps increase the maximum number of allowed attackers to more realistic odds) then the almost-invulnerable 'phalanx' will simply remain the best / preferred defensive formation, as ludicrous as it clearly is.