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Nick set is so bad also the all the items for 2019 sucks the decent set is phoebe mosey the rest are horible
There is Munich, Baker and Livingston too but first two were gathered in big numbers from the Oktoberfest and still the majority of sets are meh.
So many duel sets (inferior to DotD ones) , 2 worthless adventure sets and all that.

I will just get '18 bags with bonds.
Can you offer nick set inside the bag? I don't think it should be in the other chests!

Like gnoome/elf set 2 years ago. It would be nice since it sucks so badly!
Kinda confused.
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Kinda confused.

had the christmas full set in the bag.


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Another rip off I see..
Not surprised though..

So.. Kuro got the times wrong (again!)
Beta's xmas sale started on 11 am but announcement here says 10 am and of course it actually is not!