Hiding Quests


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Add the ability to "hide" quests in the quest book or saloon that you do not wish to do.

Have you ever thought "jeez that's a lot of quests" at level 24? I definitely have - and it gets worse and worse and worse as you level up until you eventually give up, assuming you aren't trying to be a completionist. It's quite difficult to track and manage the questlines you want to do at present, it also seems that whenever you complete one questline, 5 more take its place and none of them are worth the time.

The positive mechanic would be a way to mark questlines that I do want to complete, so I can follow those quests between quest givers.
Or alternatively a way to simply hide the quests I choose not to do to stop them from cluttering up the Saloon. You would be able to "un-hide" them from a new page in the Quest Book.

Additionally to this, questlines that reward you with Skill Points or Attribute points should be marked in some way.
Quests that you have met the requirements to complete could be marked in some way before you accept them.


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Like this idea. I recently started a new world for a bit and was a bit overwhelmed at what hit me when Save the Saloon, Part 2 was done. Would be great to have a way to make things look a little less insurmountable