Help please

Cockeyed Kid

New to the game. Having a couple of probs.
1st: Tried to ask for help in chat window. Typed text & hit enter but it does not appear in chat window & disappears from text entering box. Also tried using the speak button. Doesn't work either. Anybody know why?
2nd: Have accepted a couple of repeatable quests and fulfilled requirements (green checks by all). Have waited 24 hrs also. But the requirements are still grayed out & I can't collect. Why?
Any help would be appreciated.


You have to be at the quest giver to complete repeatable quests from them. If you look at the requirements, you'll have "Go to Ghost Town" or "Go to Waupee's" greyed out. You don't need to wait 24 hours, you just can't accept it again until after midnight server time. If it's one of the four old Saloon dailies each day, it has to be completed on that day. After midnight the quests change. You can still complete them in one week when it's the right day again.

Cockeyed Kid

Ty for the help, Elmyr. I have seen the requirements about quest giver. The 2 I can't complete are "Apples, but not the good kind' & "Fresh fish on the table". Neither of those have a Go to quest giver" req so I assume they fall in the latter class u spoke of.



Is there some kind of requirement other than just being level 20 for repeatables to show up? I believe I was doing repeatables as soon as I hit level 20 but I've recently talked to one of my alliance members that is a level 50 and says that his repeatables have not shown up. He has picked a class and a trade. He also informed repeatables for his trade are on there but thats all..since he said he gets his trade repeatables I know he isn't just looking in the wrong place for them. I've looked everywhere and cannot find anything that would tell me why his quests are not showing up. Can someone please help with this?