Resolved Heavy labor (Dig your own grave)


1. I got this quest:
Heavy labor (Dig your own grave)

Barkeeper Henry Walker: Ah cleo2626. You look as if you could use some work. The undertaker has had his hands full recently and could certainly use some help in the graveyard. Digging graves is not easy work, but I'm sure you'll manage.
The reward is pretty fine if you are not 99 lvl:
Digging graves (6 hours)
+ 500 Experience points
+ $ 500

Lucky me! Is there anyone who can give me some feedback on it?
2. Being tired about being lvl 99 and loosing all the good xp when i am doing a new quest... anyone knows if and when the CAP will be removed?


Well it's part of the hidden Heavy Labor quests, all of us used to level up fast in the new worlds.

Try equipping a fishing rod, a sledge hammer and a pick axe. They all give a quest for $500 and 500xp. The quests were available as soon as you can get one of the products, that's how you could level up from 1 to 10 in a few hours. They put on a lvl 20 restriction now.


Oh... this sucks!
I was so proud of me a few minutes ago thinking: "i found a super-secret quest"... :p
Tx for the quick answer thou...


But you can only the 1 of these quests correct? i´ve finished the quest given while carrying the fishing rod then accepted this one, finished it but cannot get the reward...


But you can only the 1 of these quests correct? i´ve finished the quest given while carrying the fishing rod then accepted this one, finished it but cannot get the reward...

You need to equip the appropriate item to finish it. In this case, equip the spade again and you should be right to finish.

Henry Spearman

I completed this quest, but it tells me I've failed! What the heck? help, someone!


You need to have the spade equipped when you accept the quest, while you dig the graves, and when you complete the quest, and in-between. If you ever un-equip the spade at some point, you need to start the quest all over again (and dig graves all over again :()

Badboy Nevi

Not quite true,

The spade only needs to be equiped to Take the Quest and to Complete it, it does not need to be equiped whilst doing the task.

This of course is subject whether or not the Game Dev's changed how the quest is done since i last completed it, but so far as i know, it is as i've mentioned.


I'm pretty sure that I had to have the item equipped the whole time, and that just reequipping it didn't work. But my memory could fail me, although I've done these a few times in the last few months.


You definitely don't need it equipped while you do the quest. If it shows fails and you've done all 6 or 3 hours, you just need to equip the product and click the quest link again.

Bad Billy Jack

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The 4 Heavy Labor quests only need the item equipped to get quest & then again to complete, not while doing the actual jobs. Of course, you have to accept the original quest, cuz the jobs are timed jobs. ;)
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Well, now... I haven't done any of these quests for a long time......


I recently started a new character in Briscoe and spent ages fishing. Finally got a fishing rod (only took about 30 hrs fishing so nowhere near as bad as in w12 :p) but no quest from Henry :eek:

Have the rules changed?!? :blink:

Tayla Tabor

How do you get this quest? I have not been offered it at all and am level 54. I am assuming I need to equip a pickaxe from iron mining to get it?
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Heavy labour (Dig your own grave) requires a spade from Build irrigation system in the product slot.


Can't say I've ever really paid an awful lot of attention to either of those jobs, irrigation was the first thing that came to mind.