Not a bug Health dropping extreme amounts after small amounts of Work

Swift Sam Slinger

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Health dropping extreme amounts after 6 - 15s jobs.

Jobs = Safe

common low level

Rested fully (8hrs) + 5 hours away time in rest state = 13 hr resting

Health full at 570
Energy full

choose to do nearby work session of 6 times @15s and health dropped almost 50% afterwards
choose to do telegraph 6 times (also safe) @15s health then dropped down to 90 pts.
i spend 22 of 24 hrs regenerating .... play time almost non existent!
This has been happening since i turned 26 ... fine before (i believe to be correct)

please help .... i like the game and would like to continue to play


Pankreas PorFavor

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Health dropping extreme amounts after 6 - 15s jobs.

Jobs = Safe
I'm not sure what you consider to be safe, but since you're new to the game, maybe you still didn't notice some things. If you already know them, you can ignore my post :)

Pay attention to the danger that the job brings, and try to keep it as low as possible. If a job has high danger, this means you can lose a lot of health by doing it. If you queue 1h jobs and lose 10% of your health every hour, you may not even notice it because you regenerate while you work. But if you queue 15 sec jobs, and lose 10% health only every 2nd or 3rd job, you'll notice your health drop to a very low level in just a few minutes. If I queued 6x 15 sec on the job in the screenshot with 46% danger, I'd probably wake up in my town's hotel :D
You should wear the best clothes possible when you're queuing the job to increase your labor points. This brings the danger down, and also increases the money and experience you get.


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I would strongly recommend to stay the hell away from any job you only have Bronze Pickaxes with the best gear.