Headbanger Heaven

Tucker Blue

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This is a game i used to host on my last favourite browser game. i will post two songs to go head to head in a battle of metal! There will be 8 rounds to begin the metal-off bracket. The winners of each round will advance until there is a winner. For this game all you have to do is vote for the song you think is the most "headbanging" metal and you get paid! Not necessarily your favourite song of the two, but the most "headbanging" song. Yeah......you get paid!

Until i see how many will play, the first round payout will be $500. If not many play the prizes will go up. The prizes increase for each bracket level as well.

Round #1


PS - because i have to transfer cash, i can only run this game in Galveston.
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Tucker Blue

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All paid out. Except Lulu, you are not in Galveston. i can't transfer cash to you but your vote will count.

Manowar - 4
Pantera - 0

Round #2




Paid out. Closed. i guess nobody likes free money.
To be fair, $500 in-game is practically nothing in this day and age. I'm sure people would be willing to vote for songs for free just because it could be a fun little exercise.