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Harvest Event 2021


The West Team
Community Manager

Summer is slowly coming to an end to give way to fall and like every year, the harvest season begins in the second half of summer.

Someone must collect wheat and rye ears, corn, tomatoes... then it will be the turn of the potatoes and pumpkins. With everything you have to make it to Oktoberfest, which... oh no, it is only a month to go!
Hmm... Wilson's farm is getting ready for the harvest and is looking for people willing to help.

This year is special in harvesting! Between 18th August 2021 at 12:00 and 9th September 2021 at 12:00 you can collect Wheat Ears and Rye Ears! Do any jobs on the map to have a chance to find up to 150 Wheat Ears. Missed the exclusive Diamond Revolver last year? We have got you covered, as with a little luck while doing harvesting jobs on the map you can collect up to 100 Rye Ears, each of them have a small chance to reward you with the revolver!

Inside these special items, you will find a small gift which may make your everyday life in the prairie easier. So keep your eyes open! You also have a chance to find our quest items inside those items! You will need them to finish our quests.

What is worth knowing?
  • We have created a separate new repeatable part for the questline from 2019, so you can complete it again! - Harvest Time (ID: 243)Harvest Time (ID : 243)
    • You need to reach level 10, and to finish "Showdown (Save the saloon, part 2)" quest in order to access the "Harvest Time" questline.
    • Please note that if you are finishing this year first the questline, the repeatable one will be available only next year.
  • The questline from 2020 is available again for those who haven't completed it yet! A repeatable part will be also available between 1st September and 9th September, this will be accessible for those who have completed the questline last year. We have also created some more quests, as a continuation of the original story.
    • You need to reach level 40, and to finish "Showdown (Save the saloon, part 2)" quest in order to access the "Harvest festival preparation" questline.
    • The new questline, "Life of the harvesters" can be accessed after solving "Harvest festival (Harvest festival preparation)" and "Angus McGuffin (Trade exchange)" quests, and reaching level 65.
    • From the extended questline you can receive a new yield item, which is part of our new Farmer's harvesting set!
    • Are you interested in receiving the animal from the set? Then join our Facebook Group, as there we will prepare something special for you!
    • Farmer's harvesting set bonus:
      • +0.04 Mobility (per Level)
      • +0.04 Charisma (per Level)
        • +0.51 Fine motor skills (per Level)
        • +0.51 Repairing (per Level)
        • +0.41 Trading (per Level)
        • +0.51 Animal instinct (per Level)
        • +15% Experience from jobs, duels and fort battles
  • Of course, the dueling-mini event, which we had last year, continues! If you haven't managed to obtain all of Harvester's weapons, now is your chance to do it! John will have a special task for you every day, for which you can receive silver coins. For every 10 coins, you can get a Harvester weapon of your choice. You can collect and spend 30 coins in total. Choose wisely if you want to pick three of the same weapons to upgrade it later, or if you want 3 different weapons to benefit from the set bonus.
  • All quest items are actionable. You can always sell them to your friends.
  • Do not forget about our collection cards:
  • We have the same achievements as in recent years, if you haven't reached them you have the chance now! For those who have received it previously, will not receive any new achievement this time.
  • Become a farmer
    Find 150 blades of wheat during the Harvest time event.
  • Collect all the seeds
    Find all seeds for your collection.
  • Save the Pony Express rider
    Successfully completed the questline "Harvest Time"
  • A bouquet of cereals
    Find 100 blades of rye ears during the Harvest time event.
  • Harvester cards
    Collect all Harvester cards.
  • Prepare an amazing harvest festival
    Successfully completed the questline "Harvest festival preparation"
  • Incredible Duel Weapon
    Collect all items of the Harvester weapon set

What is inside the Wheat Ears?
Postman's small bag9%
Battle of water9%
Farmer's bag10%
40 Bonds3%
90 Bonds2%
200 Bonds1%
Character bonus medal2%
Energy bonus medal2%
Automation bonus medal2%
Income bonus medal2%
Higher speed bonus medal2%
Mate tea1%
Ground rocket turtle shell1%
Life juice3%
Liquid life2%
Fresh tomato salad3%
Twelve year old whiskey3%
Three golden horseshoes1%
Two golden horseshoes2%
A golden horseshoe3%
Three pieces of lard2%
Lots of red liquid1%
A lot of red liquid2%
Red liquid3%
Potion of Weakening2%
Potion of Forgetfulness2%
Potion of a new beginning1%
Firearm Box1%

What is inside the Rye Ears?
A brown glass tube5.5%

A red feather5.5%
A yellow feather5.5%
Pieces of cloth5.5%
Harvester's bag6.4%
40 Bonds2.5%
90 Bonds0.7%
Character bonus medal2.5%
Energy bonus medal2.5%
Automation bonus medal2.5%
Income bonus medal2.5%
Higher speed bonus medal2.5%
Mate tea1.5%
Life juice2.8%
Liquid life1.5%
Fresh tomato salad4%
Twelve year old whiskey4%
Well-filled calumet4%
A golden horseshoe5.5%
Two golden horseshoes4%
Three golden horseshoes2.5%
Lots of red liquid5%
A lot of red liquid4%
Red liquid3.7%
Soap water3.4%
Your testament3.4%
Indian war paint3.4%
Diamond revolver0.5%

Have fun and see you in the game! Please do not forget to share your feedback in the discussion thread!

Your The West Team