Harvest crosswords!

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The West Team
Community Manager

You are staring at the old newspaper in your hands, dreaming away, still annoyed that you could not find that one solution of your crossword puzzle, years ago.

It was a hot summer day that day. You've started working early that morning, thus you take a longer break than normal at noon.

You've started this summer day by harvesting the corn. Who doesn't like corn? Warm it up above the fire, with some butter on it, delicious! Or do you rather pop it while watching at the cinema of your local city?
Secretly you stowed some corn away for dinner that night.

Once this was done, it was time to harvest the tomatoes. Not tomatoes again! You always felt that harvesting tomatoes was the most dreadful job that had to be done. Tomato juice everywhere, it's just awful!

Time flew while working. Slowly the sun started burning your skin, making you look like a tomato, the irony!

You took a look at the sun, it must have been close to noon by then. You quickly prepared for the next phase of the day: wheat ear harvesting. You worked as hard as you possibly could to do as much harvesting as possible before it got too warm to continue harvesting that day.

Around noon you took your well deserved break under the big old oak in the yard. You started your lunch as always: a juicy apple together with a nice seasoned trout.

You almost forgot why you started so early that day: you still had that one crossword puzzle you never completed. It was the perfect time fill in the answers:

Howdy Farmers!

Take a break from harvesting to play our crossword puzzle about the Craft of The West! Fill in all the missing words to have a chance to win shiny prizes!

This contest will run from the 28th of August until the 3rd of September.

Once this time window has expired, the The-West team will review all answers and randomly determine 3 winners.

Those who had correctly completed the crosswords but were unlucky not to be drawn will receive 50 bonds.

Besides these prizes, all participants will receive the usual can of spinach for their troubles.

Once you've found the solution of the puzzle, here is what you have to do to submit your answer:

  1. The world where you would like to receive your prizes.
  2. Put in the topic the solution of the crossword puzzle.
  3. That's all folks!

  • Answers can be submitted until the 3rd of September, 23:59 or they will be considered invalid!
  • The-West team members are excluded from participation;
  • Every player can only participate with one account;
  • All prizes will be bound to the world you registered for on the answer topic;
  • The-West team members can always change the rules, prizes of this contest and exclude people of participation;
  • If you are excluded from participation you will lose all possible prizes;

Review of the Prizes:

  • 1st place:
    700 nuggets
    50 bonds
    1 Recipe of your choice

  • 2nd place:
    500 nuggets
    50 bonds

  • 3rd place:
    300 nuggets
    50 bonds

  • Other participants with the right solution:
    50 bonds

  • Consolation prize for all the participants:
    a Can of spinach

Have fun!
Your The West Team


The West Team
Community Manager
The event's over!

Thank everyone for the participation!

And now, without further delay, let's see the solution of the crosswords:

Congratulations to those who've found all the words :cool::

  • Junkz
  • BigTyme
  • RaiderTr
  • Besler
  • Lucky Cro
  • Cerberus
  • King Elric
  • The Rebel Archer
  • Marshall Don
  • P4F Katara
  • P4F Ekaterina
  • P4F Mastermind
  • Frontier Psychiatrist

Sadly not everyone can win the first three prizes, so we extracted three names and the lucky winners are:

  1. The Rebel Archer: 700 nuggets - 50 Bonds - 1 Recipe
  2. Junkz: 500 nuggets - 50 Bonds
  3. Marshall Don: 300 nuggets - 50 Bonds

Thank you again for your participation in this contest! You can already find all the rewards in the inventory of the world that you selected.

Have fun with the Harvest Time event and see you next time!
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