Guidelines for Posting [READ FIRST]

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Standard Idea Form

This is the standard form for submitting ideas. It is important that this format (or at least a similar one) be used so all necessary details are covered. Any idea that intentionally or entirely disregards this form will be considered spam.

When using the form please feel free to add headings/sections of your own, or remove headings should they not be applicable to your idea. Begin by deleting the italic parts and putting your own answers in it's place. You can always add to it later when you receive peer or moderator feedback.

In a few sentences, state the general concept of your idea.

Current Workaround
If there is method players have used to work around the current system? (For example shopping is used to bypass foreign purchase prices.)

State the bulk of your idea. Remember to include all necessary details, mechanics and explanations of your idea.

Abuse Prevention
If there are any loopholes in your proposal state what your idea has done to close them.

Visual Aids
Put any mock-ups here. Those that are large screenshots should be linked, smaller windows can be displayed using the image tags.

General rap up and thoughts. Should include why the Innogames and the player community will benefit from implementing this idea.

Does this idea meet the Ideas Guidelines & Criteria? Yes/No
Does this idea appear on any of the Previously Suggested Ideas List? Yes/No

Minor Idea Form

The minor idea form is for undisputed common sense ideas that require minimal effort to implement. Examples of what belong here include; providing a read forum icon, displaying the server time at the bottom of the page, and providing a "centre map" button on town profiles.
The use of this form is exclusively for minor ideas, and may not be used as a shortcut to avoid having to use the standard form.

When posting a minor idea please use the following form. It is important that this format be used so all necessary details are covered. Any idea that intentionally or entirely disregards this form will be considered spam and will be deleted.

Idea title: Put the title of your idea here.
Details of idea: As ideas here are supposed to be simple, you should be able to fit the bulk of your idea in a few lines.
Visual Aid: Optional, only add if necessary to convey the idea.
Reasons for submitting: Why would you like to see this implemented? Does it enhance the gameplay, user interface, etc.
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Purpose of this Forum
The purpose of this forum is to give all members of the 'The West' community a platform to present their ideas that they think will improve the game.

How it Works

Posting an Idea
1) You have an idea that you think will improve the game.
2) You read the criteria in the post below this. If your idea does not pass this stage, DO NOT post it, as it will likely be deleted.
3) You copy and paste the 'Idea Form' from above (or create your own version) and create a new thread. Ideas must be posted in that format to enable people to clearly see how your idea would work and what the benefits would be.
4) There will be discussions amongst the community. If your idea meets with approval and meets the criteria, it will be moved to the 'Development Discussions' forum. ANY changes agreed to the idea must be edited into the original first post.
5) There will be a period of one week for extra discussion to refine the idea and prepare if for a vote. ANY changes agreed to the idea must be edited into the original first post.
6) A vote will then be placed on the idea. There will be a two week period available to vote.
7) If the idea wins 80% of the vote, it is sent to the developers who will respond with feedback and the idea will be linked in the ideas passed to developers. If it loses the vote by not attaining more than 79%, it will be moved to the archives. The idea will then be placed on the list of items to not post again.

Responding to an Idea

No flaming. Constructive criticism only. No idea is going to meet the approval of everybody, and we must all respect the opinions of others. Posts which 'flame' will be deleted and warned/infracted.
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In order to get an idea to the voting stage you must have the following:

1. The idea must be balanced and well thought out. If you haven't explored the positives and negatives, and looked at ways in which the idea could be exploited it isn't going to make it to a vote.

2. The idea must not require excessive admin interaction to prevent cheating. For example, lets say your idea is to allow trading of equipment between players, how do you prevent cheating without having an admin review each and every trade? This is why trading is on the list of ideas not to suggest.

3. The idea must not change the concept behind the game.

If your just going to throw ideas out, without thinking through the ramifications, then don't expect to ever see the idea make it to the voting stage. If you have questions about an idea you can contact Rebow or Da Twista and we can explain why an idea isn't going through yet, which will allow you to rectify it.

As to what happens after the idea is submitted... it may still not get implemented, most ideas won't be.
Some reasons you may never see the idea implmented:
1. Too expensive to implement.
2. The idea may require too great of a code change for too little gain.
3. The idea may be prioritized so far down the ladder that it just won't make the cut.
4. The idea may conflict with future changes and be discarded.
5. The idea may require too many resources to prevent cheating.

Remember that even if its a good idea, if it doesn't fit with the final vision for the game, its not going to be implemented. We will ensure that we get feedback from the developers for every idea submitted to them.
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A reminder to posters: All new threads must use the form provided and meet the criteria listed. If it doesn't do both it is useless to us and will be treated as spam. All ideas that seem "minor" are to go in the Minor Ideas Suggestions thread. If you need any help with your idea you can PM me.


Please note:

Your threads are going to be closed if you do not follow the rules and guidelines posted in this thread.

There are many ideas being duplicated and some very good ideas coming in but lacking proper motivation.
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