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Discussion in 'Questions & Guides' started by Eclipse, Sep 3, 2009.

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Has this guide been helpful?

  1. Yes, I am winning more duels than ever before.

    112 vote(s)
  2. Yes, it has helped turned my dueling failures into success.

    55 vote(s)
  3. Yes, as a new player, it has helped me to succeed at dueling.

    92 vote(s)
  4. No, my dueling ability remains unchanged.

    43 vote(s)
  5. No, I'm losing more than before.

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  1. Elmyr

    Elmyr Guest

    No. Hiding isn't a dueling skill.
  2. Da man 2b

    Da man 2b Guest

    I liked the guide thanks prob won't use it really or well the gear part I will
  3. Peter008

    Peter008 Well-Known Member

    Apr 8, 2010
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    I feel as if appearance is being way overlooked in a ranged dueler. Starting from level one and dumping all points into shooting and dex until a base stat of 130, then dumping points into appearance and char till a base stat of 100 seems to be very effective for dueling. After the base stat of 100 on appearance, start putting points on dodging and dex. Tried it twice now and have very few losses and many wins. Haven't seen it fail. You level up very quickly from high exp jobs.
  4. phatwomble

    phatwomble Guest

    I'm trying out a ranged dueler build. Just looking at the guide,
    Can anyone suggest, would it be advisable to put SP into toughness (more than the guide recommends) to try and defend from melee hits? How about the same concept with tactics against range builds?
  5. fossil1999

    fossil1999 Well-Known Member

    Oct 22, 2009
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    this guide is GREAT!!
    I'm planing to use the melee part when I get ALL the building medals, Hernando's sword and a Walking Stick,:rolleyes::)

    see you!
  6. The Pro100

    The Pro100 Well-Known Member

    May 20, 2009
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    Just stuff points into Dodging and Tactics if you don't want to be hit :)
    It sucks to be in-between (partly-tank and partly dodging) since in the end you can't really beat the professional duelers. Unless you're someone like phonebook o_O
  7. Nicksanti

    Nicksanti Guest

    Thxs for all the info, but I got 1 more for ya. I keep receiving 0 XPs for most of my duels, anyone know what I have to change?
  8. DSG

    DSG Guest

    Your motivation dropped to 0%
  9. Derek1982

    Derek1982 Well-Known Member

    May 19, 2009
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    Haha, that is awesome! :laugh:
  10. XanaxNabar

    XanaxNabar Guest

    My 2cents

    Thanks for the great guide,

    I have found that a slight tweak to your formula is what works best for me.

    When picking Vigor or Reflex you have to choose who you will be fighting, ranged or melee. However i have found that if you just put all your points into dodge, you seldom get hit. This gave me the range to fight any opponent. I then only have to worry about my Appearance, Dodge, (Vigor or Shooting). This is also with a Soldier build for a dueler due to the health and tactics class boost. I have spaced out my SP into Strength the most, with a few(1-2) into the other 3 to well round me (witch i may remove in the future but im liking them now)

    May not be the way you want to play, but over several builds this is what has worked best for me and i wanted to share my findings!

    Happy hunting, feel free to give me a duel on server 10! (XanaxNabar)

    Best of luck

  11. akadian007

    akadian007 Guest

    Nice,thanks bud ...:)
  12. MsBathsheba

    MsBathsheba Guest

    Shouldn't a dodge build work like a resistance build, but you only have to put points into one stat instead of two? I don't see many dodge builds and you see tons of resistance duelers. What is the base math for how dodging stats work compared to how toughness/reflex work?
  13. b00k

    b00k Guest

    With resistance they hit you and you are 100% sure you will decrease their damage. With dodge, you either leave the duel without a scratch but you may also get hit too many times. I think it also has to be combined with appearance/tactics for a better effect.
  14. Rzaxr

    Rzaxr Guest

    Well I'm not sure how the base math works, but dodging has a luck factor. And I would think you need a lot for it to be efficient. But in one duel you can get hit every round whilst in another you're invincible. But of course the more dodging you have, the more likely that you will be dodging.

    Toughness and reflex seems to be more of a pure factor and it's simple, the higher it is the less damage you receive. There's not much luck to it.

    So it's luck factor vs pure factor. But don't get me wrong, having dodge is pretty nice if you're not a resistance dueler.

    One of the reasons there are a lot of resistance duelers is because of the soldier advantage of having an additional 5hp to their life points. And obviously with premium you get 10. Also, these resistance duelers will most likely put all of their AP into strength, thus giving them hp. And thanks to the soldier's advantage, they get more hp out of it and maximize their advantage. They would be incredibly strong and could outlast many duels. I've never been a resistance dueler so I could be wrong with my guesses.

    If you're going to be a "dodger," I don't think you would put your AP into strength, so you wouldn't get as much benefit from the extra hp advantage, if you're being a soldier that is (which is a good idea if you're a dueler). And I don't know how you would work with a dodge build.. Anyway, HotNSexy's range/melee (regulars) are the next best thing to a dodge build.

    And people like to tank and it works.

    Plus, there's probably a reason as to why you don't see many dodge builds and tons of resistance builds..
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  15. Duduie

    Duduie Guest

    Yup, definitely. There were some rumors that appearance and tactics are half as effective as aim and dodge and that they do the same thing. I say nay! There is a luck or a glitch with to much aim and dodge without decent appearance and tactics. For a dodger to be most of the time effective, he needs to find a balance between all these skills. In w2 was not a resistance dueler who won the tournament, was a ranged aimer and dodger who seem to have found a good balance.
  16. The Pro100

    The Pro100 Well-Known Member

    May 20, 2009
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    I am a Resistance Dueler from World 1.
    I must say, Resistance-based allows you to challenge players of many levels higher - henceforth bucketloads of exp.

    Problem regarding Dodgers...
    A few of us advanced duelers (I am ranked 27th at Dueling, but I have been through all kinds of challenges) Agreed that the Dueling System HAS been changed after 1.27 update. Luck factor increased dramatically. Like I dodged 6 hits with only 10 Dodge & Tactics against an Offensive Dueler. While BEFORE the update I have had undisputed 7~8 hits on me. Plus other crappy stuff. Like with 130 Aim Standing Straight I landed 6 hits on someone with 130 Appearance & Dodge. and I wasn't aiming at his Red Dots -.-

    Now I tried my new spec by sending my Aim to over 200. But somehow I can still land only one hit while standing straight...

    Someone once asked me 'whether I should go for heavy Toughness/Reflex' - the answer is simple. Heavy Reflex pays off more because Dexterity/Shooting leads to good jobs. Henceforth there will be more Shooters. Comparing jobs that come with Melee/Gunners you will find its a pretty obvious choice. But of course, regardless you should pack some Toughness in any case. Simply because Resistance Duelers tends to be Melee-Based you need a little Toughness to overrule their Vigor.

    Before I changed my stats I have 140 Reflex and 160 Toughness. Against someone with 223 Vigor I only need to Switch my Fancy Dress Coat ---> Fancy Leather Jacket, Fancy Riding Boots ---> Brown Boot for complete immunity, reducing Damage to below 30. Once upon a time I read a notice concerning how Reflex/Toughness effectiveness has been reduced to 75% - but since half of your Reflex is counted against Melee (and vice versa, though it remains unclear if I am against, say, a Gunner - would my Toughness Bonus be 160 x 0.75 x 0.5 or 160 x 0.5) it is not too big a difference.

    Pack more Aim!
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  17. ag3352

    ag3352 Guest

    Hey Pro,

    are you still considering the melee killer build?

    vigor/ toughness and aim

    Those can easily win over resistance since they have high vigor. So we still need a lot of toughness but less of reflex since there is a lot of bonus with the clothing.

    Also many gunman/shooters are afraid of dueling resistance. Unless some pro shooters. SO in the end, you will be facing resistance melee them self which is having high toughness is best way to go.
  18. The Pro100

    The Pro100 Well-Known Member

    May 20, 2009
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    Against Heavy Toughness + Vigor

    It will come down to me wearing heavy Toughness, both sides' Vigor nerfed, and engage in <30dmg per hit duels

    Not too bad. But gunners will never have this! XD
  19. nErmAc

    nErmAc Guest

    I can tell you from experience that an all dodge build is a guaranteed fail strategy if you intend on dueling any real duelers.

    I gave it a shot in world 3 after a fairly success run of dueling and haven't won a duel for any real experience since the day I adjusted to all dodge.

    Current Build:

    Dexterity = 82
    (all others = 0)

    Dodge = 145
    Aim = 135
    Shooting = 137
    Appearance = 9 (only because of the few levels I've gained)

    I'm currently out of the duel game until I can fund a complete re-adjustment in stats. I can't even tell you the last time I won a duel. :sad:

    Edit: I can also agree that the luck factor of dueling has unnecessarily increased with the new update and seems a bit absurd. There's really no reason you should win a duel without getting hit and in the next duel get hit 8 times for a KO... seems a bit ridiculous. I'm left shaking my head in awe every now and then.
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  20. mrmatt

    mrmatt Well-Known Member

    May 8, 2009
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    Looks like you are missing an important ingredient in those stats you just posted nErmAc. :eek:hmy:
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