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[jumpto="mainstory"]Main Story[/jumpto]
[jumpto="class"]Class questlines[/jumpto]
[jumpto="repeatable"]Repeatable quests[/jumpto]​
[jumpto="Collector cards"]Collector cards[/jumpto]
[jumpto="pvp"]Player versus player[/jumpto]
[jumpto="battles"]Fort battles[/jumpto]​
[jumpto="pve"]Player versus environment[/jumpto]
[jumpto="npc"]NPC duels[/jumpto]​
[jumpto="fair"]County Fair[/jumpto]​

[jumpto="heroic"]Heroic deeds[/jumpto]
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Achievement | Level | Rewards |

Level 10|Reach level 10|150 xp|10
Level 20|Reach level 20|300 xp|10
Level 30|Reach level 30|600 xp|10
Level 40|Reach level 40|900 xp|10
Level 50|Reach level 50|1200 xp|10
Level 60|Reach level 60|1500 xp|10
Level 70|Reach level 70|1800 xp|10
Level 80|Reach level 80|2250 xp|10
Level 90|Reach level 90|2700 xp|10
Level 99 - Oldschool|Reach level 99|3000 xp|20
Level 100 - Unknown soil|Reach level 100|3750 xp|10
Level 110|Reach level 110.|4500 xp|10
Level 120 - Finally!|Reach level 120|title: Master of the West|20
Level 130| Reach level 130. |6000 xp|10
Level 140 |Reach level 140. |7000 xp|10
Level 150 - Unbelievable! |Reach level 150. |title: Champion of the West|20

Achievement | Actions completed | Rewards |

Klutz|Complete 50 actions in the game ||10
Fidgety Fidgety Phillip|Complete 7500 actions in the game ||50
Jack of all trades|Complete 25000 actions in the game |title: Movement miracle|100

Achievement | Sleep duration | Rewards |

Ready for bed|Sleep for 24 hours in total||10
Overslept|Sleep for 25 days in total ||50
Slumber junkie|Sleep for 100 days in total|title: Sleepyhead|100

Achievement | Times sleeping |

Casual customer|Sleep in the hotel once|10
Regular|Sleep in the hotel 75 times|50
Long-term tenant|Sleep in the hotel 250 times|100

Achievement | Consecutive times sleeping |

Sleepyhead|Queue two overnight stays in the hotel|30
Sleepwalker|Queue three overnight stays in the hotel|60

Achievement | Sleep in foreign hotels/barracks |

Tourist|Sleep for 3 full days in foreign hotels |10
Backpacker|Sleep for 15 full days in foreign hotels |30
Globetrotter|Sleep for 30 full days in foreign hotels |60

Achievement | Items sold to the trader |

Psst, look here...|Sell items twice to the mobile trader |10
That fell off the back of a truck|Sell items seventy five times to the wandering trader|50
Smuggler king|Sell items two hundred and fifty times to the wandering trader|100

Achievement | Items bought from the trader |

Occasional customer|Buy one item from the wandering trader|10
Bargain hunter|Buy ten items from the wandering trader|50
Bulk buyer|Buy fifty items from the wandering trader |100

Achievement | Money made from the trader |

A handful of dollars|Make $100 by selling items to the wandering trader |10
Dealer|Make $10000 by selling items to the wandering trader |50
King of rummage|Make $1000000 by selling items to the wandering trader |100

Achievement | Times passed out |

No victories without sacrifices|Get knocked out 50 times |10
I'm used to this|Be knocked out two hundred and fifty times |30
Master of the underworld|Be knocked out five hundred times |60

Achievement | Achieved a level-up |

The first step...|Achieve a level-up|0

Achievement | Union flag acquired |

Raise the flag!|Get a Union flag|0

Achievement | Theater | Reward |

Theater rookie |Watch 5 movies in the theater |title: Film enthusiast|25
Theater regular |Watch 50 movies in the theater |25 UPB|50
I need more movies |Watch 250 movies in the theater |50 UPB|100
Movie critic |Watch 750 movies in the theater ||250
Phantom of the theater |Watch 1500 movies in the theater |title: Rubberneck|500


Achievement | Distance traveled |

Traveler|Travel one hundred thousand miles |10
Vagabond|Travel 1000000 miles |75
Globetrotter|Travel 5000000 miles |150

Achievement | Distance traveled by donkey |

Slowly but surely|Ride 50000 miles on a donkey |10
Donkey driver|Ride 250000 miles on a donkey |30
Donkey driver through field and valley|Ride 500000 miles on a donkey |100
King of the carrots|Ride 1000000 miles on a donkey |150

Achievement | Distance traveled on horseback |

Riding student|Ride 50000 miles on horseback |10
Experienced rider|Ride 1000000 miles on horseback |30
Long distance rider|Ride 5000000 miles on horseback |60

Achievement | Distance traveled by quarter horse |

Yeehaw!|Ride fifty thousand miles on a quarter horse |10
From east to west, phew!|Ride 750000 on a quarter horse |30
Like the wind|Ride 1500000 miles on a quarter horse |60
Four quarters make a whole|Ride 3000000 miles on a quarter horse|90

Achievement | Distance traveled by foot |

Walk|Walk 50000 miles |10
Marathon|Walk 125000 miles |30
And I would walk 250000 miles... |Walk 250000 miles |60


Achievement | Bank deposits |

My first dollar in the bank|Make ten bank deposits |10
Little by little|Make five hundred bank deposits|50
I need an account number|Make five thousand bank deposits|100

Achievement | Money in the bank |

The first grand|Have $1,000 in the bank |10
Dishwasher|Have $25,000 in the bank |75
My piggy bank is bursting|Have $100,000 in the bank |100
Halfway there|Have $500,000 in the bank |150
From dishwasher to millionaire|Have $1,000,000 in the bank |250

Achievement | Money deposited in the bank |

The first deposit|Deposit $1,000 into the bank |10
Safe until the next robbery|Deposit $100,000 into the bank |40
As certain as death|Deposit $1,000,000 into the bank |60
* This is the total amount of money deposited in your own bank, e.g. if you deposit $1000, spend that, and deposit another $1000, total deposits are $2000. Foreign and premium bank deposits don't count.

[jumpfrom]upb[/jumpfrom]Union Pacific

Achievement | Union Pacific | Reward |

Deserved wages |Collect 25 Union Pacific Bonds through daily activity |5 UPB|25
Slowly filling the shelf |Collect 100 Union Pacific Bonds through daily activity |10 UPB|50
A lot of paper |Collect 250 Union Pacific Bonds through daily activity |25 UPB|100
Shareholder |Collect 500 Union Pacific Bonds through daily activity |50 UPB|250
Railroad tycoon |Collect 1000 Union Pacific Bonds through daily activity |100 UPB|500
I buy myself happiness |Buy an item in the Union Pacific Shop |5 UPB|25
Do you accept large notes? |Buy 10 items in the Union Pacific Shop |10 UPB|50
For a good cause |Buy 25 items in the Union Pacific Shop |25 UPB|100
One of the usual, please |Buy 100 items in the Union Pacific Shop |50 UPB|250
Gone mad |Buy 500 items in the Union Pacific Shop |100 UPB|500
Hard work pays off |Complete 4 daily activities |1 UPB|25
For the railroad! |Complete 25 daily activities |5 UPB|50
On and on! |Complete 100 daily activities |10 UPB|100
Atlas shrugged |Complete 500 daily activities |50 UPB|250
I fought the windmills and I won |Complete 1000 daily activities |100 UPB|500
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Achievement | Quests completed | Reward |

Adventurer|Complete 10 quests |150 xp|25
Veteran Adventurer|Complete 50 quests|300 xp|50
Story line lover|Complete 100 quests|750 xp| 100
I live for quests only|Complete 200 quests|1500 xp|200
Tell me what to do!|Complete 500 quests |3000 xp|300
Knight in shining Armor |Successfully complete the crafting questline "Knight in shining Armor". ||25

[jumpfrom]mainstory[/jumpfrom]Main Story
Achievement | Quests |

Dancing with Coyotes |Successfully complete the first part of the main story line "The outpost". |25

Raider of the lost gem |Successfully complete the second part of the main story "Call to adventure". |25

Aquarius |Successfully complete the third part of the main story "Call to adventure". |25

Trojan |Successfully complete the fourth part of the main story "Down with Fort Mencer". |25

Call me Clint |Successfully complete the fifth part of the main story "The North, the South and the brunette". | 25

Steam boat captain |Successfully complete the sixth part of the main story "Playing against the rules". | 25

Harmonica |Successfully complete the seventh part of the main story "Once upon a time in "The West"". |25

The truth |Successfully complete the eighth part of the main story "The left and the right hand of the devil". |25

Savior |Successfully complete the last part of the main story "Unchained". |25


Achievement | Specific questlines completed |

The cattle herd |Successfully complete the questline "The cattle herd". |25
Unforgiven |Successfully complete the questline "Unforgiven". |25
Manhunt |Successfully complete the questline "Manhunt". |25
Fire heart |Successfully complete the questline "Fire heart". |25
Gemstones |Successfully complete the questline "Gemstones". |25
Bob |Successfully complete the questline "Bob". |25
The hunt |Successfully complete the questline "The hunt". |25
The Dalton clan |Successfully complete the questline "The Dalton clan". |25
Clothes make the man |Successfully complete the questline "Clothes make the man". |25
Henry Walker's Special |Successfully complete the questline "Henry Walker's Special". |25
Wild horses |Successfully complete the questline "Wild horses". |25
Waupee's Grandfather |Successfully complete the questline "Waupee's Grandfather". |25
Treasure hunt |Successfully complete the questline "Treasure Hunt". |25
Cleanup efforts |Successfully complete the quest line "Cleanup efforts". |25
Henry's Birthday |Successfully complete the questline "Henry's Birthday". |25
Pony-Express |Successfully complete the questline "Pony Express". |100
Duel tactics |Successfully complete the questline "Duel tactics". |25
Optimization of profits |Successfully complete the questline "Optimization of profits". |25
Well organized |Successfully complete the questline "Well organized". |25
Kate's wedding band |Successfully complete the questline "Kate's wedding band". |25
John moves out |Successfully complete the questline "John moves out". |25
The art thief |Successfully complete the quest line "The art thief". |25
April |Successfully complete the questline "April". |25
How the festivals fall |Successfully complete the questline "How the festivals fall ". |25
Angel of love |Successfully complete the questline "Angel of love". |25
Escape from prison |Sucessfully complete the questline "Escape from prison". |25
The great journey |Successfully complete the questline "The great journey". |25
Paths of communication |Sucessfully complete the questline "Paths of communication". |25
Tomorrow's headline |Sucessfully complete the questline "Tomorrow's headline". |25
The ghost town |Successfully complete the questline "The ghost town". |25
The loser |Sucessfully complete the questline "The loser". |25
Wash dirty laundry |Sucessfully complete the questline "Wash dirty laundry". |25
It smells like a treasure |Sucessfully complete the questline "It smells like a treasure". |25
Savior of the saloon |Successfully complete the quest line "Save the saloon 2". |50
The travelling circus |Sucessfully complete the questline "The travelling circus". |25
Animal Spirits |Sucessfully complete the questline "Animal spirits". |25
Friend of the Indians |Sucessfully complete the questline "The other tribes". |25
The decision |Successfully complete the questline "The decision". | 25
The raid |Successfully complete the questline "The raid". |25
The travelling circus |Sucessfully complete the questline "The travelling circus". |25
Transporting prisoners |Successfully complete the questline "Transporting prisoners". |25
Old friends |Successfully complete the questline "Charlie". |25
Hackett's Claim |Successfully complete the questline "Hackett's Claim". |25
Wasteland |Successfully complete the questline "Wasteland". | 25
Mexican gold |Successfully complete the questline "Mexican Gold". |25
The fate of the Cunninghams |Successfully complete Jesse J. James' quest line "The fate of the Cunninghams". |25
Help for Father Brown |Successfully complete JayN's quest line "Help for Father Brown". | 25
The freedom fighter| Successfully complete Hades' quest line "The freedom fighter". |25
Happy Birthday The West! |Successfully complete the quest line "The West's Birthday". |25
Assistance: |Successfully complete the quest line "One hand washes the other". |0
Stage fright |Successfully complete the quest line "The great performance". |0
Bandit hunter |Successfully complete the quest line "The six bandidos". |0
Knowing all the tricks in the book. |Successfully complete the quest line "Education". |0
Welcome to the club |Successfully complete the quest line "The lost treasure map". |0
Apprentice |Successfully complete the quest line "The mentor". |0
Fighter |Successfully complete the quest line "Fort battle". |0
We never sleep |Successfully complete the quest line "Pinkerton Agency". |25
A friend, a good friend |Successfully complete the quest line "Friendship week". |25
Ace, Ace, Eight, Eight, Queen |Successfully complete the quest line "Dead Man's Hand". |25
Belle Bootlegger |Successfully complete the quest line "The Transporter". |25
Fort fever |Successfully complete the quest line "Wild Bunch". |25
Craft-a-teer |Successfully complete the quest group "Advanced Crafting". |25
Stagecoach Mary |Successfully complete quest group "Letters from Nowhere". |25
Juarez |Successfully complete the quest line "Call of Zuma". |25
Green Hornet |Successfully complete the quest line "Lone Ranger". |25
Murdered by a traitor and a coward |Successfully complete the quest group "The assassination of Jesse James". |25

[jumpfrom]class[/jumpfrom]Class questlines

Achievement | Specific class questlines completed |

Black mountains|Successfully complete the questline "Black Mountains".|100
Game of life|Successfully complete the questline "Game of life".|100
The avenger|Successfully complete the questline "The avenger".|100
The farm|Successfully complete the questline "The farm".|100

[jumpfrom]repeatable[/jumpfrom]Repeatable quests

Achievement | Daily quests completed |

I know you|Complete two daily quests|10
My daily bread|Complete ten daily quests|40
See you again soon|Complete fifty daily quests|60
I'll hang in the loop |Complete 100 daily quests |90
And it's Groundhog day |Complete 1000 daily quests |150
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Achievement | Items used for quests |

Sacrificed for a greater cause|Use five items for quests|10
What do they want with all that stuff?|Use twenty five items for quests|25
Have you seen the pile of rubbish behind the saloon?|Use one hundred items for quests|50

Achievement | Complete Items achievements |

I came, I saw, I took|Complete the achievements listed below:|200
|I need a packhorse|
|Sales manager|
|Bonus junkie|
|Raider of the lost treasure|

Achievement | Collections completed |

Master of the Headgear|[Complete all headgear collections]|500
Master of the Neckbands|[Complete all neckband collections]|500
Master of the Left Hand|[Complete all gun collections]|500
Master of Shooting|[Complete the Shooting weapon Collections]|500
Master of Melee|[Complete the Melee weapon collections]|500
Master of the Clothing|[Complete all clothing collections]|500
Master of the Shoes|[Complete all shoe collections]|500
Master of the Belts|[Complete all belt collections]|500
Master of the Pants|[Complete all pants collections]|500
Master of Animals|Collect all regular and special riding animals.|500
Pant-o-nator |Collect all pants from level 120 to 150.|10
Hat-o-nator |Collect all hats from level 120 to 150.|10
Clothing-o-nator |Collect all clothing from level 120 to 150.|10
Belt-o-nator |Collect all belts from level 120 to 150.|10
Shoe-o-nator |Collect all shoes from level 120 to 150.|10
Neckband-o-nator |Collect all neckbands from level 120 to 150.|10
Melee-o-nator |Collect all melee weapons from level 120 to 150.|10
Ranged-o-nator |Collect all ranged weapons from level 120 to 150.|10
Gun-o-nator |Collect all fort battle weapons from level 120 to 150.|10


Achievement | Headgear collections |

Headband|Collect all headbands.|10
Cap|Collect all caps.|10
Woolly Hat|Collect all woolly hats.|10
Slouch hat|Collect all slouch hats.|10
Sombrero |Collect all sombreros|10
Bowler hat|Collect all bowler hats.|10
Felt hat|Collect all felt hats.|10
Trapper hat |Collect all trapper hats|10
Pilgrim's hat |Collect all pilgrim hats|10
Top hat|Collect all top hats.|10
Cowboy hat |Collect all Cowboy hats|10
Leather hat|Collect all leather hats.|10
Stetson|Collect all Stetsons.|10

Achievement | Neckband collections |

Bandana|Collect all bandanas.|10
Stone chain |Collect all stone chains|10
Indian necklace|Collect all Indian necklaces.|10
Arrowhead chain |Collect all arrowhead chains|10
Bow|Collect all bows.|10
Bone necklace |Collect all bone chains|10
Bow tie|Collect all bow ties.|10
Tooth chain |Collect all tooth chains|10
Cross|Collect all crosses.|10
Talisman |Collect all talismans|10
Tie|Collect all ties.|10
Bullet|Collect all bullets.|10
Shawl |Collect all shawls.|10
Buffalo|Collect all buffaloes.|10

Achievement | Gun collections |

Bow|Collect all bows.|10
Crossbow|Collect all crossbows.|10
Harquebus|Collect all harquebuses.|10
Rifle|Collect all rifles.|10
Musket|Collect all muskets.|10
Coach gun|Collect all coach guns.|10
Pepper gun|Collect all pepper guns.|10
Percussion rifle|Collect all percussion rifles.|10
Breech-loader|Collect all breech-loaders.|10
Winchester|Collect all Winchesters.|10

Achievement | Clothing collections |

Rags|Collect all rags.|10
Poncho|Collect all ponchos.|10
Clothing|Collect all clothings.|10
Shirt|Collect all shirts.|10
Checkered shirt|Collect all checkered shirts.|10
Waistcoat|Collect all waistcoats.|10
Cotton jacket|Collect all cotton jackets.|10
Pilgrim's jacket |Collect all pilgrim jackets|10
Indian clothing |Collect all Indian clothing|10
Jacket|Collect all jackets.|10
Leather jacket|Collect all leather jackets.|10
Leather vest |Collect all leather vests|10
Coat|Collect all coats.|10
Adventurer's jacket |Collect all adventurer jackets|10
Soldier jacket |Collect all soldier jackets|10

Achievement | Dueling weapon collections |

Bottles|Collect all bottles.|10
Club|Collect all clubs.|10
Razor|Collect all razors.|10
Push dagger|Collect all push daggers.|10
Bowie knife|Collect all bowie knives.|10
Foil|Collect all foils.|10
Machete|Collect all machetes.|10
Conquistador sword|Collect all conquistador swords.|10
Tomahawk|Collect all tomahawks.|10
Lumberjack axe|Collect all lumberjack axes.|10
Cavalry sabre|Collect all cavalry sabres.|10
Stone|Collect all stones.|10
Slingshot|Collect all slingshots.|10
Shotgun|Collect all shotguns.|10
Muzzle-loader|Collect all muzzle-loaders.|10
Deringer|Collect all deringers.|10
Pepperbox revolver|Collect all pepperbox revolvers.|10
Revolver No 1|Collect all revolver no 1s.|10
Army revolver|Collect all army revolvers.|10
Peacemaker|Collect all peacemakers.|10
Schofield|Collect all Schofields.|10
Colt Buntline|Collect all colt buntlines.|10

Achievement | Shoe collections |

Ragged shoes|Collect all ragged shoes.|10
Cotton shoes|Collect all cotton shoes.|10
Sandals |Collect all sandals|10
Work shoes|Collect all work shoes.|10
Spiked shoes|Collect all spiked shoes.|10
Pilgrim's shoes |Collect all pilgrim shoes|10
Moccasins |Collect all moccasins|10
Charlatan's shoes |Collect all charlatan shoes|10
Valenki |Collect all valenkis|10
Smooth leather shoes |Collect all smooth leather shoes|10
Boots|Collect all boots.|10
Cowboy boots |Collect all cowboy boots.|10
Riding boots|Collect all riding boots.|10

Achievement | Animals |

Riding animals |Collect all riding animals.|10

Achievement | Belt collections |

Wool belt|Collect all wool belts.|10
Plaid belt|Collect all plaid belts.|10
Fine belt|Collect all fine belts.|10
Buckled belt|Collect all buckled belts.|10
Buffalo belt|Collect all buffalo belts.|10
Studded belt|Collect all studded belts.|10
Horse belt|Collect all horse belts.|10
Eagle belt|Collect all eagle belts.|10
Cartridge belt|Collect all cartridge belts.|10
Skull belt|Collect all skull belts.|10
Pistol belt|Collect all pistol belts.|10

Achievement | Pants collections |

Torn pants|Collect all torn pants.|10
Shorts|Collect all shorts.|10
Plain pants|Collect all plain pants.|10
Knickerbockers|Collect all knickerbockers.|10
Plaid pants|Collect all plaid pants.|10
Fur pants|Collect all fur pants.|10
Overalls|Collect all overalls.|10
Linen pants|Collect all linen pants.|10
Knee-breeches|Collect all knee-breeches.|10
Indian pants|Collect all Indian pants.|10
Leg guards|Collect all leg guards.|10
Army pants|Collect all army pants.|10
Jeans|Collect all jeans.|10
Leather pants|Collect all leather pants.|10
Soft leg guards|Collect all soft leg guards.|10
Fishing pants |Collect all fishing pants.|10
Corduroy Pants |Collect all corduroy pants.|10
Trader pants |Collect all trader pants.|10
Stripe Pants |Collect all striped pants.|10
Silk pants |Collect all silk pants.|10

Achievement | Hat-o-nator |

Forage Caps |Collect all forage caps.|10
Silk Cylinders |Collect all silk cylinders|10
Wide Brim Hats |Collect all wide brim hats.|10
Wild Leather Hats |Collect all Wild leather hats.|10
Denim Hats |Collect all denim hats.|10
Cavalry Hats |Collect all cavalry hats.|10

Achievement | Clothing-o-nator |

Confederate Frocks |Collect all confederate frocks.|10
Indian Wild Leather Jackets |Collect all Wild leather jackets.|10
Hide Jackets |Collect all hide jackets.|10
Buckskin Coats |Collect all buckskin coats.|10
Shell Jackets |Collect all shell jackets.|10

Achievement | Belt-o-nator |

Classy Leather Belts |Collect all classy leather belts.|10
Hawk Belts |Collect all hawk belts.|10
Sigil Belts |Collect all Sigil belts.|10
Wild Leather Belts |Collect all wild leather belts.|10
Silver Buckle Belts |Collect all silver buckle belts|10
Gold Ornate Belts |Collect all gold ornate belts.|10
Gold Belts |Collect all gold belts.|10

Achievement | Shoe-o-nator |

Ankle Boots |Collect all ankle boots.|10
Jackboots |Collect all jackboots.|10
Buckled Boots |Collect all buckled boots.|10
Trekking Boots |Collect all trekking boots.|10
Suede Boots |Collect all suede boots.|10
Chelsea Boots |Collect all chelsea boots.|10
Brogan Boots |Collect all brogan boots.|10

Achievement | Neckband-o-nator |

Fringed Scarfs Collect all fringed scarfs.
Silk Scarfs |Collect all silk scarfs. |10
Bone Neckbands |Collect all bone neckbands. |10
Amber Necklaces |Collect all amber necklaces. |10
Gem Leather bands |Collect all gem leather bands. |10
Heart of the Prairie Collars |Collect all heart of the prairie collars.|10

Achievement | Melee-o-nator |

Entrenching Bayonets |Collect all entrenching bayonets. |10
War Clubs |Collect all war clubs. |10
Officer Sabres |Collect all officer sabres. |10
Silver mounted Knives |Collect all silver mounted knives. |10
Nickel plated Tomahawks |Collect all nickel plated tomahawks. |10

Achievement | Ranged-o-nator |

Deringer Pocket Revolvers |Collect all Deringer pocket revolvers. |10
Merwin Hulbert Revolvers |Collect all Merwin Hulbert revolvers. |10
Colt Cloverleaves |Collect all colt cloverleaves. |10
Colt Dragoons |Collect all colt dragoons. |10
Colt Navy Revolvers |Collect all colt navy revolvers. |10

Achievement | Gun-o-nator |

Modified musket |Collect all modified muskets. |10
Modified Breech Loaders |Collect all modified breech loaders. |10
Modified Percussion Rifles |Collect all modified percussion rifles. |10
Double Barrel Shotguns |Collect all double barrel shotguns. |10
Single Shot Rifles |Collect all single shot rifles. |10
Trade Muskets |Collect all trade muskets. |10
Modified Winchesters |Collect all modified Winchesters. |10

Achievement | Horse-o-nator |

Horse-o-nator |Collect all animals from level 120 to 150|10

[jumpfrom]Collector cards[/jumpfrom]Collector cards
Achievement | Collectors Cards |
Alcohol scenes |Collect all alcoholic events. |100
Lots and lots of colourful cakes |Collect all pieces of cake. |100
Show me your impression of the fish and I'll read your future |Collect all Rorschach fish depictions. |100
Ooh, pretty! |Collect all sacrificial flames. |100
What a fine liquor |Collect all distillations |100
Pythagoras would be proud |Collect all geometric drawings. |100
The future will hold... |Collect all lead sculptures. |100
My inner child |Collect all marbles. |100
Beautiful crystals |Collect all coloured geodes. |100
Fastest shooter in the West |Collect all targets. |100
I think I'm walking in circles... |Collect all directions of the compass except the one pointing correctly. |100
Cattle brands |Collect all branding irons. |100
Sir Mixalot |Collect all grog ingredient pictures |100
Art Connoisseur |Collect all tapestry pictures |100
Wells Fargo Pioneer |Collect all Wells Fargo pictures |100
Faith Healer |Collect all potency remedy pictures |100


Achievement | Usable items used |

I feel so good|Use five buffs |10
I feel better!|Use fifty buffs |25
I feel even better!|Use two hundred and fifty buffs |50
Medicine is not supposed to taste good|Use one usable item |10
Will I start glowing in the dark after another sip?|Use fifty usable items |25
I can fly!|Use five hundred usable items |50


Achievement | Items found |

Collector|Find five items |25
Hoarder|Find twenty five items |50
Disposophobic|Find five hundred items |100
What might be behind door #1?|Get one item from a chest |10
Every raffle ticket wins...|Get five items from chests |25
Raider of the lost treasure|Get twenty five items from chests |50
Hands full|Find two items in one job |10
Not enough hands|Find three items in one job |75
I need a packhorse|Find five items in one job |150

Achievement | Items bought |

Egg Collector|Buy two items |10
King of discount|Buy five items |25
Shopaholic|Buy twenty five items |50

Achievement | Items sold |

Huckster|Sell five items |50
Used goods salesman|Sell fifty items |100
Sales manager|Sell one thousand items |150
The first money made|Earn $1,000 by selling items |25
Raking it in|Earn $50,000 from selling items |50
Bonus junkie|Earn $500,000 from selling items |75
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Achievement | Work duration |

Helper|Work for 4 days |10
Workaholic|Work for 40 days |75
Workaholic|Work for 100 days|150

Achievement | Money earned working |

Day labourer|Earn $1000 while doing jobs|10
Regular income|Earn $100000 while doing jobs|75
Big money|Earn $500000 while doing jobs|150

Achievement | XP earned on jobs |

Trainee|Gain 1000 XP while doing jobs |10
Foreman|Gain 20000 XP while doing jobs|75
Entrepreneur|Gain 150000 XP while doing jobs|150

Achievement | Jobs completed |

Rookie|Complete ten job|10
Career changer|Complete one hundred jobs|25
Experienced worker|Complete one thousand jobs|50
Job hopper|Complete five thousand jobs|100
All-rounder|Complete ten thousand jobs|150
Living for the job|Complete 50000 jobs|500

Achievement | Items found on jobs |

A rare find|Find one item while doing jobs |10
A not-so-rare fine|Find ten items while doing jobs|25
Do I always find something?|Find one hundred items while doing jobs|50

Achievement | Products found on jobs |

Material supplier|Find ten products while doing jobs |10
Producer|Find five hundred products while doing jobs|25
Resources miracle|Find 2500 products while doing jobs|75
King of resources|Find 10000 products while doing jobs|150


Achievement | Products crafted |

Crafting novice|Craft 10 products |10
Experienced craftsman|Craft 250 products |75
Master craftsman|Craft 1000 products |150
Activity|Craft ten products with a grey difficulty |10
More work|Craft one hundred products with a grey difficulty|30
A lot more work|Craft two hundred and fifty products with a grey difficulty|100
Day labourer|Craft ten products with a green difficulty |10
Contractor|Craft one hundred products with a green difficulty |30
Mass manufacturer|Craft two hundred and fifty products with a green difficulty |60
Specialist|Craft ten products with a yellow difficulty |10
Specialist|Craft one hundred products with a yellow difficulty |30
Expert|Craft two hundred and fifty products with a yellow difficulty |60

Achievement | Recipes learned |

Apprentice|Learn one recipe |10
Journeyman|Learn ten recipes |50
Master|Learn seventeen recipes |100

Achievement | Products used in crafting |

You have to break an egg to make an omelette|Use 10 products for crafting |10
Scavenger|Use 100 products for crafting |25
Recycler|Use 1000 products for crafting |50

Achievement | Extraordinary Crafting Successes |

Quality grade C|Achieve one extraordinary crafting success |10
Quality grade B|Achieve ten extraordinary crafting successes |50
Quality grade A|Achieve fifty extraordinary crafting successes |100

Achievement | Title: Craftsman |

If you build it, he will come|Complete the achievements listed below:|200
|Quality grade A|
|Mass manufacturer|
|A lot more Work|
|Master Craftsman|
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[jumpfrom]pvp[/jumpfrom]Player versus player

Achievement | Bounty |

Lackey |Collect one bounty |10
Legionnaire |Collect ten bounties |50
Mercenary |Collect twenty five bounties |150
Suspicious money |Collect $100 from bounties |10
Sticky money |Collect $5,000 from bounties |30
Dirty money |Collect $25,000 from bounties |60
Legendary Gunslinger |Collect $75,000 from bounties |90
Blood money |Collect $250,000 from bounties |150
Mopping up the Competition |Issue one bounty |10
Too many wrong friends |Issue ten bounties |50
Enemies everywhere |Issue twenty five bounties |100
See you in the afterlife |Issue one bounty, wanted dead |10
Keep your friends close but your enemies closer |Issue five bounties, wanted dead |50
Death Dealer |Issue ten bounties, wanted dead|100

Achievement | Title: The Legendary Gunslinger |

The legendary gunslinger |Complete the achievements listed below:|250
| Angel of Death|
|Legendary Gunslinger|
|Elite fort Battle Winner|
|Knockout Champion|

Achievement | Angel of Death |

Street fighter |Win one duel by knocking out your opponent |10
Killer |Win fifty duels by knocking out your opponent |50
Angel of death |Win one hundred and fifty duels by knocking out your opponent |150

Achievement | Master Dueller |

Combative |Initiate one duel |10
Rowdy |Initiate 10 duels |50
Veteran |Initiate two hundred and fifty duels |75
Dueller |Initiate five hundred duels |100
Master dueller |Initiate one thousand duels |150

Achievement | You want a piece of me? |

Who's there? |Be challenged to a duel ten times |10
Do I have a target on my back? |Be challenged to a duel fifty times |50
You want a piece of me? |Be challenged to a duel two hundred and fifty times |100

Achievement | Gunslinger |

Thug |Win five duels |10
Ruffian |Win one hundred duels |50
Stabber |Win two hundred and fifty duels |75
Gunslinger |Win five hundred duels |150

Achievement | Barbarian |

Warrior |Complete fifty duels |50
Soldier |Complete five hundred duels |75
Barbarian |Complete one and a half thousand duels |150

[jumpfrom]battles[/jumpfrom]Fort Battles
Achievement | Fort Battle Guru |

Fort fighter |Participate in a fort battle |10
Veteran fort fighter |Participate in twenty five fort battles |75
Cavalryman |Participate in one hundred fort battles |150
Fort battle guru |Participate in two hundred and fifty fort battles |250

Achievement | Elite Fort battle winner |

Fort battle winner |Win one fort battle |10
Battle experience |Win ten fort battles |30
Veteran fort battle winner |Win twenty five fort battles |60
War hero |Win fifty fort battles |90
Elite fort battle winner |Win two hundred and fifty fort battles |150

Achievement | Battles |

Wimp |Get knocked out once during a fort battle |10
Jinx |Get knocked out five times during fort battles |30
Problem child |Get knocked out twenty five times during fort battles |60
Lucky Punch |Knock out one player in a fort battle |10
Sandman |Knock out twenty five players in fort battles |50
Knockout Champion |Knock out seventy five players in fort battles |100
The Enforcer |Do a total of 10,000 damage in fort battles |10
Mr. Pain |Do a total of 75,000 damage in fort battles |50
A feast for crows |Do a total of 500,000 damage in fort battles |100
Bullseye |Make ten hits in fort battles |10
Marksman |Make one hundred hits in fort battles |50
Sharpshooter |Make one thousand hits in fort battles |100
Soldier of fortune |Survive one fort battle |10
Survivalist |Survive ten fort battles |50
Bulletproof |Survive fifty fort battles |100
Battle hardened |Earn 3000 experience points in fort battles |10
Battle after battle |Earn 30000 experience points in fort battles |50
Cannon fodder |Earn 150000 experience points in fort battles |100
Nimble legs |Dodge ten shots in fort battles |10
The cat |Dodge a hundred shots in fort battles |50
Bullet proof |Dodge 1000 shots in fort battles |100
Hot Shot |Deal 1000 damage in one fort battle |10
Big game hunter |Deal 2500 damage in one fort battle |75
Big Player |Deal 5000 damage in one fort battle |150
The first notch |Knock out one enemy in a fort battle |10
Three more notches |Knock out three enemies in a fort battle |75
Too many notches to count |Knock out five enemies in a fort battle |150
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[jumpfrom]pve[/jumpfrom]Player versus environment

Achievement | NPC Butcher |

NPC butcher |Complete the achievements listed below: |200
|Master of all classes|
|Rich and famous|
|The Devil's Claws|

[jumpfrom]npc[/jumpfrom]NPC Duels

Achievement | Duels |

Conqueror |Win ten NPC duels |10
Triumphant |Win fifty NPC duels |75
Master of all classes |Win one hundred NPC duels |150
Left hand of the devil |Win one NPC duel by knocking out your opponent |10
Right hand of the devil |Win ten NPC duels by knocking out your opponent |30
The Devil's Claws |Win twenty NPC duels by knocking out your opponent |60
Graduate Dueller |Earn 150 experience points from NPC duels |10
You live and learn |Earn 1500 experience points from NPC duels |30
Doc |Earn 15000 experience points from NPC duels |60
Contestant |Reach the NPC duelling difficulty of two |10
Gladiator |Reach the NPC duelling difficulty of five |30
Champion |Reach the NPC duelling difficulty of twenty |60

Achievement | Money |

Prize fighter| Earn $50 from NPC duels |10
Professional Dueller |Earn $500 from NPC duels |50
Rich and famous |Earn $2,000 from NPC duels |100



Achievement | Construction |

Master of construction |Complete the achievements listed below: |200
|Phew, the last nail|

Achievement | Markets |

I fought the economy crisis and I won |Complete the achievements listed below: |200
|I'll strike it rich with this|
|Trade emporium|
|Quartermaster of the Alliance |
|Local hero |
|World economic miracle |
|Global Player |
|Best customer of the alliance |
|Well-known major customer |
|Economic expert |

Achievement | Special Quest |

Soap Star! |Successfully complete the quest line "Drama Queens". |25

Achievement | Town Construction |

Construction worker |Get 200 construction points for the construction of your town |10
Architect |Get 3000 construction points for the construction of your town |30
Constructor |Earn 30000 points for building construction in your town. |60
Build God |Earn 1000000 points for building construction in your town. |250

Achievement | Building levels |

Builder |Complete 1 level of a town building |10
Carpenter |Complete 5 levels of a town building |50
Master Builder |Complete 10 levels of a town building |100
Phew, the last nail |Complete 25 levels of a town building |150

Achievement | Building fail |

Construction fool |Cause one failed construction during town construction.|10


Achievement | Friendship Points | Reward |

A friend, a good friend |Collect ten friendship points. |
Well Filled Calumet|0
Two friends are better than one |Collect fifty friendship points. |
I am a team player |Collect one hundred friendship points. |
I know them all |Collect five hundred friendship points. |
My reputation precedes me |Collect one thousand friendship points. |
Flash mob |Collect five thousand friendship points. |
More friends than grains of sand at a beach |Collect ten thousand friendship points. |
A force to be reckoned with |Collect fifty thousand friendship points. |
2000 UPB|0
Charismatic supreme leader |Collect one hundred thousand friendship points. |
Any 10 items existing ingame.|0
King of the world |Collect five hundred thousand friendship points. |
Personalized avatar and Set|0


Achievement | Markets |

The first auction| Sell one item at the market |10
Veteran trader |Sell twenty five items at the market |75
Auctioneer |Sell one hundred and fifty items at the market |150
Almost not worth the effort |Earn $1,000 from sales at the market |10
I'll get good money for this |Earn $25,000 from sales at the market |75
I'll strike it rich with this |Earn $250,000 through sales at the market |150
Bon Voyage... |Sell one item on the world market |10
Exotic goods |Sell 20 items on the world market |30
Trade emporium |Sell 100 items on the world market |60
Trader of the alliance |Sell one item on the alliance market |10
Supplier of the alliance |Sell 10 items on the alliance market |30
Quartermaster of the Alliance |Sell fifty items on the alliance market |60
Town herald |Sell one item on the town market |10
Town huckster |Sell 10 items on the town market |30
Local hero |Sell 20 items on the town market |60
Do you accept my card? |Spend $1,000 at the market |10
Do you take my golden card? |Spend $25,000 at the market |30
World economic miracle |Spend $250,000 at the market |60
First glimpse of the world market |Buy one item from the world market |10
Tycoon |Buy ten items from the world market |30
Global Player |Buy one hundred items from the world market |60
Supporter of the alliance |Buy one item from the alliance market |10
Customer of the alliance |Buy ten items from the alliance market |30
Best customer of the alliance |Buy fifty items from the alliance market |60
Local customer |Buy one item from the town market |10
Local major customer |Buy ten items from the town market |30
Well-known major customer |Buy twenty items from the town market |60
Market newcomer |Buy five items at the market |10
Market expert |Buy fifty items at the market |50
Economic expert |Buy two hundred and fifty items at the market |100

[jumpfrom]fair[/jumpfrom]County Fair

Achievement | Products | Reward |

One product per day |Deliver 7 products |1 UPB|25
One product per week |Deliver 77 products |5 UPB|50
One product per month |Deliver 777 products |10 UPB|100
One product per year |Deliver 7777 products |50 UPB|250
Achievement | Construction | Reward |

The first stone| Construct the Travelling Fair for 20 points |1 UPB|25
The second stone |Construct the Travelling Fair for 2020 points|5 UPB|50
The third stone |Construct the Travelling Fair for 20202 points |10 UPB|100
The fourth stone |Construct the Traveling Fair for 202020 points |50 UPB|250
Anyone in for some more? |Participate in constructing the Travelling Fair in all counties. | 250 UPB|250
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Achievement | Events | Reward |

Howdy, it's really Christmassy! |Successfully complete the Christmas questline |title: Christmas Angel|0
| | |

Happy Easter |Successfully complete the Easter 2010 questline |title: Egg collector|25
| | |

Happy Independence Day |Successfully complete the Independence Day 2010 questline |title: Free man|25
| | |

Happy Thanksgiving! |Successfully complete the Thanksgiving 2009-10 questline |title: Pilgrim|25
| | |

You are loved |Successfully complete the Valentine's Day 2010 questline |title: God of Love|25
| | |

The Easter Bunny's hide |Successfully complete the questline "The easter egg". ||25
| | |

Happy Holidays, Henry Walker! |Successfully complete the questline "The holiday spook". ||25
| | |

Happy Birthday The West! |Successfully complete the quest line "The West's Birthday". ||25
| | |

Hitchhiker's guide to the prairie |Successfully complete the questline "Attack of the Wogons". ||0
| | |

Towel collection |Collect all five towels. |item:Bath Robe|0
| | |

Paper mache artist |Successfully complete the quest line "Christopher's parade". ||25
| | |

A friend, a good friend |Successfully complete the quest line "Friendship week". ||25
| | |

Cat hunter |Successfully complete the quest line "A pawful of kittens". ||25
| | |

Blue collar worker |Successfully complete the quest line "Labor Day". ||25
| | |

Happy Halloween |Successfully complete the quest group "A Western nightmare". ||25
| | |

The power of science |Successfully complete the quest group "The perfect heist". ||25
| | |

Happy New Year! |Successfully complete the quest line "New Year's Eve". || 25
| | |

Prospector |Successfully complete the quest line "Gold Rush". ||10
| | |

Remember my name |You successfully helped Heisenzwerg. ||25
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