Google Chrome is not working!

Discussion in 'Helpful Reference Section' started by Diggo11, Dec 4, 2009.

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    Google Chrome is a relatively new browser, so like most new software it is inevitably unstable. This means most Chrome related bugs are due to faults in Chrome rather than faults in The West. Although the developers try to account for Chrome where possible, some bugs just can't be fixed by Innogames.

    Google Chrome offers an inbuilt feature to report bugs directly to the Google Chrome developers. You can use this to report those bugs that we just can't fix. It is labelled "Report bug or broken website..." and is under the page menu, as shown below:

    Selecting the highlighted option will show you the report window:

    There are only two categories you really have to deal with, as the rest is set for you by default. Firstly go to the drop down box and choose the type of bug you are experiencing (Page won't load, Can't log in, Chrome is misbehaving, etc). Then provide a description of the bug in the appropriate box. Be sure to all submit appropriate details such as browser version (if not the latest), any themes installed as well as any changes to the "under the hood" settings. Once this is done press the Send Report button and your done :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.