Gold/silver job scripts



Most players are aware of using illegal scripts and many of these players are still using scripts that automatically find gold and silver jobs on the map. These type of scripts which indicate gold/silver job positions on the map automatically are forbidden on the EN server.

Within the course of this week and run periodically over the next few, a script will help us determine which players are using such illegal scripts and will subsequently be banned from accessing their world/s in which these violations have occurred.

If you do not wish to suffer the consequences of breaking our gaming rules, it is recommended you uninstall this script from your browser immediately. All banned players have the opportunity to appeal their own bans via our support ticket system - first time offenders will have their bans changed to that of a temporary nature. Repeat offenders will remain on a permanent ban.

To be clear, only those whom are using a script to automatically find these jobs will be punished. Players finding them manually and sharing these locations with their friends or alliance members can continue doing so.

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You have been warned.
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