Gluten is good.

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Gluten is a NATURAL and SAFE protein. However it allows in and retains glyphosate molecules. Glyphosate is the effective ingredient in Roundup. Roundup use started in 1974 (see my essay on Glyphosate lower in Off Topic) and the instances of celiac disease immediately started to rise drastically. Humans do not naturally have an intolerance to gluten. Glyphosate however is poison. Not my opinion, human consumption is poisonous, that's a fact.

Yes removing it from wheat is better but not for the reasons the mass public is led to believe. Hell, i know people who thought it was a preservative. If Roundup was not used on a wheat crop there is no need to worry.

Schools do not educate, they indoctrinate. Schools teach us what to think not how to think. Educate yourself.
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school is not the one who told people gluten was bad for them. some people can have intolerance to gluten but it was mostly a trend born from ignorance. If people were left to educate themselves they would be dumber than they already are.