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Dear all,

Today, I decited to publish one of my ideas that were supported by a bunch of players. This idea was wrote by me and I sent it to the central officers of INNO but still didnt get any answer yet.

We have a game that is mainly based on the ''old times of the - west''. What if we merge somehow all the worlds together transforming them to counties and create a new global map? Duellers can chaise bounies around the counties, fort-fights in each county .... different markets and raising the interest of the game. For example... what a better feeling to grab my horse go to arizona county for a fort fight? and after get disappeared in the sun-set of kansas county for some duels? :) Thus, events can be created ... for example split the counties into north and south and play fort fight's events, duels and much more...

Benefits of this idea:
-> merge the worlds will bring all players together and the competitiveness will grow up
--> interesting events, no need to create new event servers, just use your own equipment no matter what equipment you have
---> market will be better & variety of different items
----> duels, bounties will be more interesting, especially for people that like this style of game
-----> general interest of the game will be increase.

Note: If you have better ideas feel free to write them down :)


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I like the idea, but i dont think inno will put in the work and money needed for the change and it would be a new game were many would want back the old one, just like people want back the legacy of version 1 already.

ANNND i only support this if i get to merge my inventory for all servers and pick which character i want to be my main. :D

Clever Hans

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It's a good idea but it should have happened 10y ago. The real question is what they did right with the games like Elvenar and Tribal Wars and why they failed to do it with The West. Sacking the most of The West dev team 5-6y ago and no mobile app definitely have something to do with it.