GC/MC Disbanding


i agree with -neo- that this seems to be a way out for GC and a pain for MC just finish them off


Not sure where I stand on the proposed changes, however with every proposal such as this, you need an idea and a small group of the people looked on as leaders here in this world. after that you need a spokesman. Berkie was that spokesman here. when you put out a proposal such as this, you state what the the group of leaders talked about (which was done) and then you put it in form so that it can be processed by all.....not in question form, you state the facts and the proposal....then it is open for questions and other input (which was done).

Dont shoot the messenger so to speak, she is relaying the idea discussed...at least they care enough to come up with an idea to keep the game fun and keep the world from fading away. until now i have really seen no other ideas come about, just some taking shots at the messenger.

the only thing i would have like to see was a list of the leadership involved in discussion, so that things could be monitored by both sides. there are only two main alliances for fort battles in this world, those that fight for MC and those that fight for GC. i have met some pretty good people here, some on the opposite side of my alliance.....on the same token i have met some loud mouths and out right donkeys on my alliance side.....My town very well could have been on the opposite side of our alliance.....however along the way we met people on the MC side that changed our opinion.......overall my experience has been positive, as it is a game and is only what you make of it.

Maybe we can split the north and the south across grid lines. Maybe everyone drops all forts and we have a free-4-all for forts, i dont know.....however I see this post by Berkie to say.......this is our idea, so you come up with ideas of your own people, lets not let it die.

Aries of Zuba

This time you have failed. IJ attack on Banana is fallowed by BAS attack about 4 hours away. He couldn't just fly to there so it looks more like planned attack. Lear to respect finally not to sh*t talk like 5 year old.

Don't know about Bananas reaction though.

Yep..got me there

I have never been just out west doing what ever... and I usually walk 4-5 hrs to declare battles :blink:

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i agree with -neo- that this seems to be a way out for GC and a pain for MC just finish them off
Okay, I would rather not force anyone out of a game.
We all know by now GC as an ideal is practically dead, so now we can just forget about them, they have lost - there is no need to browbeat them more, when we can just let them fizzle into new entities.

W10 needs reviving, sooner rather than later.
I agree with the making of new factions, will make it interesting to fight alongside different people (even if I've fought with/against all of you before)
I do agree with most of you in that, access should NEVER be limited - soon enough two sides are formed, just by who their towns decide to fight with in fortbattles, and these sides are usually even.

I am all for everyone casting off their MC/GC tags and starting afresh, with new friends and new enemies. The only problems I forsee, are the current fort positions, and if sides dont end up balanced.
Thoguh these problems can be solved, those owning forts can kick everyon out of them, may seem harsh - but it would wokr to create space for new allies.
And if a side is not balanced i see no harm in one or a few towns switching sides till they are, it shouldn't be too hard.

Just think about it guys, would you rather have a dead world?
Or would you rather try this to make it live again?
I understand peoples worrying about these rules being a bit too prescriptive.

However, think a month down the line. The NEW allilances will need that time to get to know each other, and a few forts will have changed hands, making choice of alliance a whole new question. Many players will move from one alliance to another and lets face it, if just one or 2 people turn up to each battle who by these rules shouldn't really be there, I don't think many people will complain. When it reaches the stage where 2 whole alliances become a single big alliance, their will be a huge amount to fight about, and most or the alliances will get involved making for some serious fun ;)

Summary: if the biggest and best of the worlds fort fighters/leaders/organisers are prepared to try this out, we should all be prepared to watch and learn! You might make some new friends :razz:

PS. Another problem I thought of when reading the original post is that there are a few towns with lots of forts. These will have to be handed around the other alliances until it's even and I can't imagine many people really liking that...


it does make sense.
but i think the flaw is you will end up everyone wanting to be in same alliance as before...

also MC have fought for so long against the GC leading town, a lot of effort has been put in by people like vic, berkie and ugly duckster. so for all that work to go to waste...

ive been on the fb loosing side for a looong time now and to end up on that side again would be frustrating.

maybe 2 towns full of fort fighters should be made:
towns dont ally... people do...

in a way im for it (resetting back to 0 would certainly give the world some motivation.) and in a way im happy sitting here feasting on the MC monopole (that btw was well earnt).


Keep in mind too people, that NOTHING was set in stone, they were just ideas. If anyone has a better idea, we are all here to listen. We can discuss thing like the adults that most of us are without getting rude or flinging insults.

If everyone is NOT ok with 1 on 1 fort battles then we can wipe that idea out.

Rack there is NO way possible for us to have gotten each & every leader of each & every town into chat, it would have looked like an MC battle chat...spam, spam & more spam.

Victor Kruger created the MC, Hywel created the GC. Since these are the 2 MAIN forces involved, that chat was kept small. Present, but not always accounted for were
Vic, myself, OAN, Hywell, Godfather, wcoyote, HelenBack. Invited, but not in attendance, Revo, VenGyr & Ugly Duckling. We were all in agreement that it sounded like an interesting idea.

(sorry, don't know where the underline came from but I can't get rid of it! No, it's not the little U)

I believe I did ask for any other tagged towns to participate in this discussion, it's not like anyone was left out for a reason other than having a talk with some known leaders. I have no clue who is in charge at POW, IRC, Eclipse....that is why this thread is in here to bring you all into the discussion.


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You wont have to give forts away, from what I comprehend
Only may need to throw a few towns out of your forts

Just the two sides need to be balanced in terms of palyers, may even make it more intersting if one starts with more forts


a big nope on that plan from me. I saw GC are finished, everyone joins MC/allies, and we conduct friendly battles, then we have no reason whatsoever for multi battles.


Friendly world!!! Bad idea! You need a enemy. I think it's a bold move which I don't think has ever been tried before. Yes there is people and indeed whole towns that will not be happy with the idea, the MC have been outstanding the past while along with some questionable decisions made by the GC we have fell far behind. However the members are still playing this world and want a challenge. I think the tags should certainly be dropped. 2 teams is just to little for one world and yes I know there are other alliances but every alliance fights with either the GC or MC. If it gets broken up into new alliances it will be back down to two again within a year, that's just how the game plays out but it will be a fun year.


Omg... then you would be the only one playing in there j dahl...

War is the meaning of this game.


If people started recruiting more (and I have been lax until recently) then towns wouldn't be dying out as fast.....there will always be a natural erosion of support through the game.

and..while MC may have possession of most forts and has better rankings and dueling stats its still arrogant to say the world is 'dead' and that the only things that matter are how many duels you have conducted

I have lost many duels myself yet i still enjoy playing the game. I still enjoy the social side talking to other people, the occasional diplomacy, I enjoyed the roleplay side which was the main reason for starting GC not who has the most Kos....
Other players with I enjoy the questing side of the game and even though fort battles have been lost.... people have still enjoyed fighting in them , even if frustration can set in.
The game is not all about numbers of Kos , I think some people have forgetten that....there is not even an end game.!..if you are expecting to transcend the universe at the end I think you will be sadly mistaken. :D (although still want to reach lvl 99 for the first time in nearly 3 years :O ;) )
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Why not just finish GC, and then put something like this into play.. offer GC to dump all their players into MC. And divide the MC forts evenly (along with dividing the leaders evenly, then players can request to be invited into certain leaders towns).
After that take the people like Infraction Junction and Diablo and fill their towns up.. then stick IJ Diablo and some MC towns against the rest of MC. And each side create a new name..
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Having now had some time to discuss this in depth, I do not think Eclipse will be signing up to this proposed restructure. While we may be on the side currently losing more often than not, we are really enjoying battles and the challenge of competing against some very strong towns.

I do think its a good idea for towns to consolidate, but having recently populated a town from 5 to 40 members I honestly think it is much too hard to do on a mass scale. It is certain that some of our allies will not want to consolidate or move and we are not comfortable with some of the small towns that have supported us being left out of the global dynamic.

Lastly we are a fairly new arrival to the fort fighting scene and have worked hard to form strong working relationships with our local allies. While it might be fun to work with some of the top MC towns for a change, we are committed to working with our friends in the West.


exactly my point.
as much as its a nice idea its very unfeasable.

so the best is GC reform and start recruiting.
not only that MC should try and recruit also...
the more the merrier

Miss Sarajevo

I would not be able to stand that.
I am a man who thrives in war
I agree.. I am glad the MC/GC thing is done, and that MC won, but.. Mutli Fake Fort Attacks will kill any world. It just creates utter dissolution amongst those that do turn up to battles... so they dont bother being online for actual battles. Whoever started that junk and I suspect it was the toolbag known as Miss B Have should just be banned forever on every world.

Please don't get GC to try and reform, they have no chance against MC currently, if anything MC should divide.

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Just wanted to put in a quick comment here. We also have to remember that there are other entities in this world that are not just MC or GC. Sure we might be more tied to one side or the other but aren't solely MC or GC. ie Shadow, POW, WWW, the western allies.

I think that things are starting to naturally change up a little and power will get more evened out.


Yes, I think that has been mentioned a few times ;)

But we are gonna drop the idea for now.