Howdy, (Ex-wanted member here)

A new town has been born - GANG :ph34r:
This is a town built for players not wanting to join the big "mega" alliances.

Members from this town will be able to duel anyone freely, whether that is a "MEGA" alliance or a single town.

We have already been judged as WANTED HUNTERS however like i previously said we are free to duel anyone (we might duel wanted more):D:D

The town currently is being built however the funds are already there for it to become fully built.

We are hoping to creat a new part to this game, by dueling more and also declaring even more fort battles each week. :cool:

For more information or an invite please contact me or Harsha.. in-game or on here.:)
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SWEET !!!!
I am liking W2 more and more now . This will spice this ole world up a bit.

Good luck to you guys Nick