Gamers Support Japan


InnoGames has started a fundraising event with the headline “Gamers support Japan” at There, you can donate money for aid – especially for children – in need of help. As a consequence of the natural disaster, more than 260,000 people have been evacuated from their homes to date, amongst them about 49,000 children.

Even with a small donation, you can do a lot of good things for the victims. The money you donate will support three different projects, which are presented on our fundraising page. We would be very grateful for your support.
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InnoGames are please to announce our project "Gamers Support Japan" has raised a total of €2014! We're very pleased with this result, and wish to extend our most grateful thanks to all those who contributed. With €2014, we were able to provide much humanitarian aid for those Japanese people in desperate the need of help.

Just to give you an overview what €2014 actually means:
  • With only €36, six people in Japan can be supplied with a package containing important staples such as rice, sugar, oil, beans, lentils, tea, milk, water, salt and spicery.
  • For €750, a complete ShelterBox containing 1500 items essential for survival can be supplied, which will sustain a family of up to ten people for at least six months!
Once again, we kindly thank those who contributed. Your donation will make a real difference to the lives of those suffering from this most tragic disaster.

The InnoGames Team