Game Rules changes 2020 - Questions


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Scripts are not a property or a product of the game. These are external tools developed by external people. We, as InnoGames, don't have any control over the source code of those scripts, and hence we can't "clearly" allow their use in the game.
Every player uses them at its own risk, and as long as a script is not intended as an abuse of the game, going against the T&C of the game, I can confidently say that you won't receive a ban. (So using scripts that were "allowed" until now shouldn't create any problem as long as the intent of the script remains the same).
I hope you understand that we can't allow something that is not in our "power". As per all the games, external tools/scripts/add-ons are always used at players' risk.
It won't be added further explanations on this topic since we can't officially allow/not allow any external script anymore.
So basically what you've done is instead of being transparent on what's allowed and what's not and maintaining a list, you re-worded the rule with such ambiguity that nobody will ever know if they're allowed or not to use them.

This went from management/development team literally offering you an API to register your script to idk man just do whatever you want, couldn't care less.
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