Game Hints - Make up your own!


Did You Know You can make a turkey by tracing your hand on a sheet of paper.


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Did you know: Onions aren't the only food that can make you cry...coconuts do as well when thrown correctly


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Did you know:That Thin Lizzy was featured in an episode of Life on Mars, with their rendition of the Irish folk song Whiskey in the Jar

Like a Sir

Did you know: When people say to wish upon a star, they're actually a few million years late. The star is dead. Just like your dreams.


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Did You Know:that...... Oh wait, I used that one before
Did You Know:that Tiger just proved Elmyr right (about some people being wittier than others.)


Did you know: That...wait, did Zem just imply that I'm smarter than Elymr? :blink:


Did you know: Icons have feelings too you know? Press us gently!


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Did you know: that they can sometimes!
Did you know: I had to do that.
Did you guess: I was going to do that.
Did you spot: The Odd one out (excluding this one from the set)


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Did you know: I didn't know that.
Did you know: that, according to new Onion Law passed secretly behind your backs, you can't have that more than once in a sentence.
Did you know: I just broke the new law
Did you know: I don't want to die
Did you know: I never meant to betray the Onion. Please forgive me!!!!!
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