Friendship Management

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Proposal - FriendShip Management
Create a location that is easier to manage 100 friends during special events and year around.

Current Workaround
Using the friendship bar at the bottom requires you to scroll through 5 players at a time, which is 20 screen to go through.

Create a location where the friends can be managed, similar to the pending invitations screen but would show friends who are already your friends.

In this view I would suggest informative items such as player status is active, vacation, banned.
Another column would state seasonal items in the past day green (sent), yellow (needs to send), red (has missed a full day). Granted through out the year this would be red for all players as nothing needs to be sent daily.

Abuse Prevention
This is information that already exists in the game. By reports you can look to see who sent you a seasonal item and determine if they should be sending it 24 hours later.

Additional add-on
I would also like to see a blue dot added to the friendship bar to indicate that players are on vacation (same as in the town view) and perhaps a purple dot to indicate players who are banned. These indicators would aid us in weeding out those who are not going to reciprocate the sending of items back to us.

Visual Aids
Basically looking for a town view screen for our friends similar to this:


In return for not sending my carpal tunnel surgery bill from clicking on all these friend bars, I would like to see a better way of managing 100 friends that we are limited to. You would still have to use the friend bar to distribute seasonal items, but this way we could have better reporting and perhaps even do away with the silly telegram notices that inundate our report boxes.


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Yeah I'm with you man. I've sent out so many eggs or hearts to people and got very few in return. Plus, with having a management like that, I can see who I might need to drop from my list.


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Yes from me...this is much the idea I proposed to Duncol and Gandalf when they were discussing the existing script we use to migrate thru the friends bar during events.

Nice to see a more detailed idea for it :)


Not too bad. I mean really I'd like to know which of my friends are active and which aren't but that kind of doesn't work because then all that happens is you get a list of unactive people you can duel which I feel would be taken advantage of.

Especially by me.


Something like this needs to be implemented, and this seems like a good way of going about it. I'd vote for it.

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Thank you all for liking my idea so much. Now we get to cross our fingers for Halloween and hope to have this feature prior to handing out candy to 100 friends at a time.


Thank you all for liking my idea so much. Now we get to cross our fingers for Halloween and hope to have this feature prior to handing out candy to 100 friends at a time.

haha :) there independence before. sending flags :D

*William Bonney*

I'd love to see this! It is really annoying to scroll through those pages, and it's even harder to get knowledge on the hearts a friend sended. This is really useful, one minus may be the fact you get to hate players who don't send hearts to you. :p

When does the voting start?


I thought there already was something like this but I was too stupid to find it :)