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Q. How do i Play The West?
A.The West Starts with Some Tutorial Quests which teach you the Basics of the Game.

Q. What are Quests?
A. Quests are the In-Game Missions, They are Designed to help you out Early On.

Q. What is Experiance?
A. Experiance is the Amount between Each Level, You gain Experiance from Jobs and Quests.

Q. What are Jobs?
A. Jobs are the Tasks You do to Gain Wages and Experiance.

Q. What is the Mini Map?
A. The Mini Map can help you find where jobs are, To Select the Mini Map Click the Icon of the World.

Q. What is a Town?
A. A Town is a Place founded by another Player, They build stores and other Places of Interest.If you are Invited you can Join Towns.

Q. I dont Have Enough Labour Points for a Job?
A. Labour Points are your Skills, The Sum of The 5 Skills Required for the Job is the Amount of Labour Points You need.

Q. I need to do a Job but i cant find it?
A. Some Jobs need Spercific Skills before they can be seen, for Example Laying Railroad Requires 5 Construction.

Q. What is my Inventory?
A. Your Inventory is What you are Wearing/Wielding and What is in your BackPack.

Q. What is a BackPack?
A. BackPack is where your Items You Collect from a job are stored.

Q.How much can my Backpack hold?
A. it has unlimited room

Q. I have Ran out of Energy, How do i recover it.
A. Energy is Recovered Hourly, You recive 3 Energy an Hour on a Normal Account (If you Activate the "More Energy" Premium You Recive 4.5 Per Hour), If You Visit a founder Town and Sleep You Recover Energy Faster

Q. Where do i Find Ghost Towns?
A. Ghost Towns are the Grey Circles on your Mini Map (It Costs to Sleep)

Q. How do i Found a town?
A. You find a Place to Found the Town and You Require 300$ and 80 Endurance to Found it.

Q. How Much does a Ghost Town Cost to Sleep?
A. It will advance as the game Progresses but the Basic is 10$

Q. What is an "Endurance" Level?
A. Endurance is Your Energy Level just a different Name, They are the Same.

Q. How do i get a Donkey?
A. From a General Store in a Town.

Q. Can i sell/buy items, if so where?
A. At player towns at the stores.

Q. How do I get posters for quests?
A. Do the job 'take down posters'. Do not be confused by the fact that it's taking them down. You get the item in that job.

Q. If you own a town and someone stays at your hotel, do you get the money they payed to sleep there?
A. No not at the moment, but you may be able to in future updates.

Q: What is an openID?
A: Open ID is when you have one id for tons of websites, this makes it so you have no need to register ;) you can find out more on openID here:

Q: How do I complete the "Donkey quest", I've bought the donkey but it still does not come up as completed?
A: Please equip the donkey to the bottom right square in the inventory.

Q: On the Quest "The Decision", I did one but the other disappeared?
A: This Quest is a Choice, you do 1 or the other, XP or Money.

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Building FAQ

Some of this is from memory, so I may get is slightly wrong

  • Town Hall (starts at level 1)
    With every level of the town hall the difficulty to build other buildings is reduced by five points.
  • Residence (starts at level 1)
    With each expansion of the towns residences five new town members can be accommodated.
  • Bank (starts at level 1)
    The higher the construction level of the bank, the more money can be put into the bank accounts and by that be protected from being lost.
  • Hotel
    With each construction level of the hotel new, more luxurious rooms are added.
  • Gunsmith
    With each new construction level the gunsmith offers new and better weapons.
  • Tailor
    With each new construction level the tailer offers new and better clothes.
  • General store
    With each new construction level the general store offers new and better items.
  • Mortician (max level of 1)
    Every town needs a mortician. Without a mortician in your home town you cannot challenge other players to a dual. They can still challenge you though.
  • Church (Cannot be built, starts already assembled)
    In the church you can say a quiet prayer.

Each building level has a point value of 100*level, so a level 3 building has a point value of 300.

It costs 6 energy and $60 for each 30 minute build.
Each 30 minute build, is approximately 5-6 building points (not sure of this).
The money can come from your personal account, or the town treasury.

Gold Disk

How to take a Screen Shot, and post an Image.

Now, I know how to do this. This is more or less a FAQ because I've seen some people ask it already and I know a lot of people will be asking for it in the future.

How to take a Screen shot, and post it on these forums.

1. Take a Screen Shot. (PrtScn/Print Screen, If not possible, use software, Irfanview for example)
2. Paste it into paint. (To Paste into Point Press Ctrl + V)
3. Save it to your computer (Desktop is the easiest to find)
4. Go to Tinypic or Photobucket or Imageshack, upload the image you just saved on your computer.
5. It should show a code, Copy that code (Direct Link or right click the image and Press Copy Link). Put it in between the img code brackets
[IMG] , [/IMG]
The IMG code is:
6. Is the image you want, already on the internet? If so, right click on it and go to properties. Copy where it Says Image Location and paste it in the same place like you normally would.
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