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Discussion in 'Questions & Guides' started by ZiiRCoM, Sep 19, 2008.

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  1. ZiiRCoM

    ZiiRCoM Guest

    Hey, guys, how do you all make your own signatures?:confused::confused:

    if you guys dont want to tell me, could someone make one for me/?
  2. Hightower

    Hightower Guest

    With this question, I hear by nominate the "Questions & FAQ" section to be moderated.
  3. Cpt. Marryat

    Cpt. Marryat Guest

    Making a signature:
    1. Make a picture on a program of your choice (ie. Paint or Photoshop)
    2. Upload it onto the internet using a hosting site such as Imageshack
    3. Click "User CP" in the top-left of your screen
    4. Then click "Edit Signature" in the menu on your left
    5. Input the URL of your image into the space provided (between these two codes [img][/img]
    6. Click "Save Signature" at the bottom

    *Puts hand up to volunteer for the job* :p
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  4. HeftySmurf

    HeftySmurf Guest

    This is in the Wrong Place, PM Cpt if u want anything.
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