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[box=black]Script Details
Available From: The-West forums
Script Version: 0.2
Works on Version: Forum software version 3.8.6 (as running on 2012-01-26), Firefox 9.0.1, Greasemonkey 0.9.13[/box]

So I created a small userscript/ugly-hack that allows you to mark some forums as read before searching for new posts.

It is very crude atm, and I don't really have any plans to work on it further, but ofc if a few people find it useful I might consider making it a bit more user friendly...

To use this script:
1. make sure you have greasemonkey installed
2. copy the contents of the above code-block to a text-file.
3. edit the file to exclude the forums you don't want to read regularly
4. save the file as 'whatever-you-like.user.js'
5. drag that file to an open Firefox window (might work in other browsers, but I don't think so)
6. enjoy!

// ==UserScript==
// @name          The West Forums - mark forums read utility
// @description	  On The West forums (vBulletin, version 3.8.6) it marks the selected forums as read with one click
// @include*
// ==/UserScript==
// Notes:
// 	You must edit the below variable to include all forums (by id) that you 
//	wish to mark as read before searching for new posts.
//	You can find the id by looking at the URL of a forum, for example the Off topic forum:
// (so 35 is the id).
//	Put the id:s between the [] below, separated by commas, for example:
//	[8, 35, 51]
//	Would mark all the world forums, 'Off topic' and 'Debate & discussion' as read
//	before doing a search for new posts.

var forums_to_mark = [7, 52];

// Sript start here - don't touch this code unless you want to void your warrany!
//check if the previous sibling node is an element node
function get_previoussibling(n) {
	while (x.nodeType!=1) {
	return x;
//check if the next sibling node is an element node
function get_nextsibling(n) {
	while (x.nodeType!=1) {
	return x;

function mark_multiple_forums_read() {
	var security_token = get_nextsibling(document.getElementById('usercptools')).firstChild.href;
	security_token = security_token.slice('logouthash=')+11);

	var j = 0;
	for (i in forums_to_mark) {
			method: 'POST',
			url: "" + forums_to_mark[i],
			headers: {
    				"Content-Type": "application/x-www-form-urlencoded;charset=UTF-8",
				"X-Requested-With": "XMLHttpRequest"
			data: "securitytoken=" + security_token + "&do=markread&forumid=" + forums_to_mark[i],
	window.location = "";

// inserting the html
var autoReadLink = document.createElement('a');
autoReadLink.href = '#'; = 'autoReadLink';

var navbarSearchTd = document.getElementById('navbar_search');
var newPostsTd = get_previoussibling(navbarSearchTd);
newPostsTd.appendChild(document.createTextNode(' '));

// add a listener or two
document.getElementById('autoReadLink').addEventListener('click', mark_multiple_forums_read, false);
Have fun!

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The West Team
No offense, but pretty useless if it only marks some forums as read. If you double click on the
button, that particular forum part is marked as read. While this may automate it, it looks like a lot more work to actually insert the forums you want to exclude, than to double click on some buttons once in a while :p And manually clicking also makes sure you don't automatically ignore parts you do read, but not that often.


Ok, I changed the code to do real ajax requests as the forums do by themselves, a bit more stable now.

@Slygoxx, you are correct, it doesn't do much - but for me that don't read the 'games' and 'CS' sections and like to keep my 'new posts'-searches clean this makes the forums better.

I might consider adding a way to edit the forums to mark by gui if there is enough feedback suggesting that would be a good thing.



The West Team
It's a nice script indeed, though I just mentioned a reason why I personally wouldn't use it. Anyway, you can make it into a userscript here, to make the installation part easier :)


Slight update, moved the last call to where it belongs... (still no mail from though)