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  • All links provided in this forum are provided by their respective owners not by Innogames - please read the full disclaimer in the forum announcement before following any links.
  • Post each script in it's own thread. Before your thread will become visible it must be approved by the game administration. On average this shall take less than 24 hours.
  • Do not create new threads for other reasons that to post a new external tool or start a development discussion / request. Questions, complaints and bug reports should go in the appropriate tool's thread.
  • All add-ons and scripts must contain the "Info Box" which contains the basic details about the script. This is particularly important when these items are prone to breaking with game updates. The code for the Info Box is:
    [noparse][box=black][B]Script Details[/B]
    [I]Available From:[/I][/noparse] [SIZE=1]Name of host provider, eg, Mozilla Website, Private Website, etc.[/SIZE]
    [noparse][I]Script Version:[/I][/noparse] [SIZE=1]Version of the script, eg 2.0.1.[/SIZE]
    [noparse][I]Works on Version:[/I][/noparse] [SIZE=1]Compatibility with game updates, eg "From 1.23 up to 1.27".[/SIZE][/box]
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