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Script Details
Available From: Github --- [Direct Link] --- [Repository]
Script Version: 0.60
Works on Version: From 2.63 up
Description: Exports battle from in-game to a .csv spreadsheet to allow for analysis of fort data.


As a follow-up from my previous fortbattle import tool available here, Fortbattle-Export script provides similar functionality with a few benefits.
  • There is no need to download any additional programs.
  • The script version does not rely on Westforts. This means it is now significantly faster to download battles and you can export any worlds you play even if they are not on Westforts.
  • More fields of information are available such as town ID, battle time, and more to be added.
  • Automatic update alerts.
  • Better user interface and more user friendly interaction with the program.
Preview & Script Usage
You can open the script using the scripts button in-game. This will open up The-West's built in script menu. Navigate to the "Fortbattle-Export" tab to bring up the interface.
Follow the instructions listed to start exporting battles. A file will automatically download called "battleData.csv". This file contains a table with headers followed by the data for all the battles you have selected for import.

To do list

  • Finish the fields for fort size and the fill % for each side.
  • Add support for other languages.
  • Fix any bugs that come up based on your feedback.
  • Any other features you may request!
Change Log
  • Dec 29, 2018 - 0.53: Now works in Firefox
  • Jan 1, 2019 - 0.60: Added error handling
Script is a work in progress. There will be bugs. Please give as much detail as possible if you encounter a bug so that I can work on fixing it.
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This script is at present showing a "comparability error". Is it possible for an update to fix it?