Fort limit changes on Colorado and Kansas


The West Team
Community Manager
Howdy Cowboys and Cowgirls,

Thank you everyone who has shared their feedback with us regarding Fort Battles! Taking in consideration your suggestions and ideas we would like to try out some new limits during some Fort Fights!

According to your feedback we have made the following decision:
  • we will be changing Fort limits temporarily on Colorado and Kansas worlds, because these are the most populated servers (of course, if we will have feedback and the need to change on others we will take in consideration).
  • on other worlds the current limits will remain the same: Large: 130 attackers 120 defenders; Medium: 92 attackers 84 defenders; Small: 46 attackers 42 defenders
  • as we received more suggestions regarding the new limits, we will try out others, based on the schedule below:
    (the changes will be applied always on Monday during the day)
2021-08-23 – 2021-08-30​
125 attackers vs. 104 defenders84 attackers vs. 70 defenders24 attackers vs. 20 defenders
2021-08-30 – 2021-09-06134 attackers vs. 112 defenders90 attackers vs. 75 defenders36 attackers vs. 30 defenders
2021-09-06 – 2021-09-13144 attackers vs. 120 defenders96 attackers vs. 80 defenders48 attackers vs. 40 defenders

Of course, we are continuously open for any feedback and we may implement changes during this testing session based on that. If you have better ideas for the attackers:defenders ratio and limits, please share with us!

We will closely monitor the servers and evaluate your feedback, so please share your thoughts about these changes in the discussion thread. We highly encourage you to like the posts with which you agree.

Your The West Team
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