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Micro-rework to Fort Rifles to create :
-long range
-short range

Current Workaround
currently there is only a class of rifles but there re 2 classes of duel weapons : melee and ranged.
currently rifles hit only the first row of enemies and balancing or new event set interact with every class of fighters ;
snipers and tanks.


short range rifles:
shoot at the front row like the current ones

long range rifles:
shoot at the backrow of enemies, the furthest enemy in sight

short range rifles will allow tanks to get less damage malus since even using a union weapon set your dmg increase only by 45-50 not by the promised
200 that would and would allow sniper to get a bit of hp if they want but in reality it will make no difference to them...

the long range rifles will allow tanks and sniper to hit the back rows but with big malus on hit chance for tanks doing way less dmg due to the hp malus
meanwhile dueller would be allowed to hit mostlikely other snipers for 1/3 of their hp .... so snipers damage would decrease due to targets relatives hp
but they would have a normal amount of hit chance considering the distance and their item-skilling

Abuse Prevention
do i need to do this ?

Visual Aids
the-west-forts visual aids

this change is a small thing to implement but it will make great differences in gameplay or in inno's pocket...
FF faction may decide to use only one tipe of rifle or the other and that will create completly new strategy and approces to the game,
it will radically transform FF in many ways;
for example if defenders choose to mainly take long range rifles (LRR) they will reduce the chance of attacking enemies rush to flag...just an example!
Inno on the other hand will be able to make offensive and defensive gear depending on faction and tank or sniper gear , tank with damage or tank with more resistance and hp....